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    Karnataka By-elections decimated the hopes of BJP in South

    BJP party has no stronghold in the southern states of India. The only place it has some say is in Karnataka. During Assembly elections BJP has lost narrow chance to rule the state. At that time BJP stalwarts thought within few months Congress-JD alliance will loose its majority and BJP have their say in Karnataka politics. They also expected tht in parliament elections all the MP seats they can win. But after Assembly elections in both By-elections Congress-JD alliance proved their mettle. In this By-election out of 5 seats BJP is able to muster one seat with a low margin as described by media. So with this shock BJP has to rethink about their position in South India. Do you agree with this?
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    It's not BJD (Biju Janata Dal is in Orissa/Odisha) it is only JD Janata Dal (Secular) in Karnataka.Please change it accordingly.
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    Yes. The results of by-elections in the state of Karnataka went against BJP. The place like Ballary which is a stronghold of BJP also went against, I understand. Telangana State elections are coming. BJP is contesting independently. But TRS is having a good hold here. All important parties except TRS and BJP are contesting together. So how many seats will go to BJP is a big question mark? But in MP elections if BJP and TRS contests together the story here may be different. In Andhra Pradesh with the present position, I don't think BJP can get reasonable seats. Tamilnadu and Kerala are never having any chance for BJP. By seeing all these I also feel BJP may be not getting a good number of MP seats in South India.
    But if some miracle happens and if AP and if it goes in favour of BJP, it is a different proposition. But the chances are very remote and I don't expect any miracle to happen. BJP think tank has to work out a strategy and see that it will be implemented effectively if they want to have a say in South India.

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    The Karnataka by-election results are a cheer to the Congress and JD (S) alliance. The Bellary seat is a clincher for the Congress party. The BJP not only lost the seat but its vote share has come down by nearly 14%. The Congress party improved its vote share by about 16.5%. In South India, the BJP has got no chance of winning considerable seats. In Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, the BJP may not get a single seat. In Karnataka, it may win very few seats. Overall the prospects for the BJP are bleak in South India.
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    BJP is completing it's term in 2019 and as the tenure end is nearing we will have such surprises and many ups and down before the result of 2019 elections are out.

    This is a crucial time for our country as though it is clearly perceptible that there is improvement in many facades in our country but it is not to the expectations of the people. So the political drama can end up in any direction.

    Moreover, there are blind elements in our society who have nothing to do with development. There ideology lies with a particular party and they will do all efforts to make it win. Only then their vested interests will be realised.

    There is nothing we can do about it except observing this from our academic cocoons.

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