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    I am witnessing smoke, dust and pollution from my balcony.

    Friends, today is our great festival of light and happiness but I am feeling a bit depressed and sad, sitting in my balcony and seeing the traditional smoke, dust and pollution emerging out of relentless ignition of firecrackers. I was thinking that the activity will be subdued this time due to a lot of awareness and emphasis given on the green firecrackers and limited use of the same but I do not find much change as the people are highly engrossed in this avoidable indulgence which is creating not only the sound pollution but the air pollution which will remain hanging in the air for the coming weeks.

    It seems that old habits die hard and there is no easy solution for this self created problem. It also appears that fun and enjoyment are above the concern for our environment and ecology. It is also clear that this problem can not be addressed by simple rules and directives as people are not going to obey them.

    Then what are the ways now to stop this extravaganza leading to deterioration in our already polluted biosphere? Or we continue like this and forget everything. Any opinions?
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    Same here in Delhi. It seems no one is afraid of SC order or have a respect for SC as they are still bursting crackers after 10 pm. Pollution is at its high level and it will rise to the highest tomorrow morning. People seem to become mad and we are so used to this tradition and won't get rid of it so easily.

    I have done my work I bought less crackers this time and allowed my son to burst till 10 pm only. I believe if everyone had done as per the supreme Court orders the situation would have been different. Let's see what's the take of government next year. What strategy they make so they may not get fail like this year?.


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    If one observes on the roads during heavy traffic hours, they will get the same feeling. But this traffic problem is an everyday affair whereas this firecrackers problem is one day in a year problem. So I think if we start worrying about the traffic also like we are worrying about this firecrackers, I think a good solution for traffic pollution will emerge.
    Over the years I am observing a tremendous decrease of firecrackers per head. But as the population is increasing we are seeing that there is an increase.
    This year definitely there is a good reduction and especially in some areas, the firecrackers have come down. Yesterday night I was talking to my mother who stays in our native place. She told that this year Diwali was very dull in that village also. The firecrackers shops had very less sale in that area she told.

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    Yes this is because the sale of the crackers also was restricted this Diwali like they used to have in past. This is the major reason of less bursting of the crackers this time. But I didn't see any reduction of the same here in Delhi. Its almost same as it was last year. Let the report come today, the level of the pollution will decide it.

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    I agree with Sanjeev that people burst crackers beyond the 10 PM deadline set by SC. But the quantity was much lesser than previous years'. Nobody burst even a single cracker in our block yesterday evening. Yes, there were sounds of crackers bursting all around though. I sat in my balcony for around an hour or so. It was not uncomfortable at all. It was not like yesteryear(s) at all. I could see a change in peoples' attitude towards bursting of crackers. Even people lit diyas in place of candles. The decision to ban the sale of crackers played a big role.

    I think Dr Rao has hit the nail squarely on the head by observing that we need to control vehicular pollution on a priority. Delhi has more than 1 crore registered vehicles. Out of those 1 crore, lakhs of vehicles are plying without the mandatory 'pollution under control' certificate. Those vehicles are the major cause of pollution in Delhi. Law enforcement authorities need to be strict about those vehicles, but due to politics, nobody cares about that.

    Then there are other factors which affect the air quality of Delhi, like farmers burning parali (an agricultural waste) in northern part of India. Again due to politics, not much has been done on this front too.

    On the whole, it was a better Deepawali this year than the Deepawali of previous years.

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    In West Bengal and all around Kolkata, there was much less fireworks this time. The order of the apex court was implemented strictly here as I haven't heard of any noise making crackers after 10 PM. Other varieties were also less in numbers as just before Kali Puja and Diwali, police seized a large amount of firecrackers from few places in the city and its surroundings.

    The main problem is people are not concerned much about the environment. It is true that the vehicular pollution affects the environment in a much greater way because it is happening regularly throughout the year. The orders of the courts are not implemented effectively due to various reasons and political interference is one among those hurdles.

    The use of green energy is one of the alternatives which has to be promoted widely. The battery operated two wheelers can be promoted in a big way and special bicycle lanes can be created as an alternative way to combat the pollution. Most importantly, cooperation from every section is a must and unless every individual is showing a serious concern about the environment, the court orders or government schemes will not work effectively.


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