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    A change will occur with one and end up with all!

    A change will occur with one and end up with all. If you take an example of Agriculture when you sow seeds there are only two persons in that cultivation land but when the seeds are grown and get into ripen stage a large number of people will come at that place. Similarly, when we want to make efforts for a change in the society you may be the only person gradually people realize it is for the good cause it will penetrate and bring the number of people to help. Do you agree with this? Kindly comment on this post!
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    I agree with the point that change is a gradual process it begins with few and spread among others if its of use.

    At first it's difficult for any one to accept a change as normal tendency that we don't accept changes happily but once when we realise that this change is benefiting us we don't only accept it but ask others also to accept it.

    Consider the case of mine, we are going to shift in a new house very soon but we are worried how the neighbors will be. But I know that's temporary we will adapt ourself in that environment once we move in, with the time.

    That's not very easy though but being mature we have to accept it and move ahead in life.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Yes, it's true everywhere. A few take the lead and then others join in to make it a big movement. Think about any revolution or movement. A few think of it, they spread the message about how a new happening is going to change lives of many. When people realize it is really going to affect them in a positive way then many come in as associates.

    Everybody is busy to manage their own life. There are many things to do in our daily life and few people have the time to think of any changes. Those few, thinking of changes, plan something effectively to show the rest how it is going to affect their lives. To concentrate on anything, one needs to pay attention to stay focused. So, when you notice something that requires a change, you communicate your views to others to let them know. When they find it useful they also spread it to some more. So, it's a cascading effect and is essential for every movement to succeed.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Any change will be accepted initially by a few. Many people will hesitate to accept the change as they are not sure how the change will affect them. They will not have the confidence also about the change. But a few people who will be able to take some risk and think positively will accept for the change. Once somebody accepts the change and march forward others will follow the suit.
    When everything is going on in a settled way probably many people don't want to disturb the situation by accepting the change. But people who are ready to experiment and try to see that there will be some development by making some changes will try to do that. Once they are successful many people will follow them.

    always confident

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