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    Is Negativism more powerful than positivism?

    As we see in every part of life negativity will be easily spread out and will have a huge impact on the society why the people are more interested in spreading negativity than positivism? In Social media negativity widely spread and it will be believed and show more interest by most of the people. Is negativity more powerful than positivism? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    True. Negativism will spread faster than positivism. When we see a bad incident we will tend to talk about that. We may be witnessing many good incidents also. But we never talk about these good incidents. When we see a schoolboy driving a vehicle rashly, we will point out that whenever the chance comes. At the same time, we will be seeing many young boys helping old people to cross the road etc. But we will not talk much about this. I think the human tendency is to point out the faults of others and hide the faults of self. Because of this nature, only negativism is getting more importance. The newspapers or TV news channels also propagate negative news more than positive news. This is the order of the day. In the morning when we open the newspapers, the main headings will all be negative items only. The good news will be published somewhere in the middle pages with small headings.
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    Well, it depends what you call negativity. If something, which is very frustrating to most people, for example the behaviour of politicians in our country, then people vent their anger everywhere. Social media is a place which is accessed by most people, so we will find people expressing their frustrations there.

    Now, very few people are there who take the lead to make some changes. The wide spread of anger and resentment through different media can trigger violence as well as a movement to change any condition.The particular posts in social media that you may term as negativism, are some kind of frustration as well as spreading of fake news.

    When a section of people express their frustration on social media, more people, who are also affected, join in to make it viral. If, fake news or messages are referred to as negativism, then I would say, people are not cautious and not applying their mind. Negativity is that thing that has 'no' attached to it. It may be an apprehension that something cannot be done or cannot be improved. This feeling creates confusion and is spread fast. Many people are apprehensive and hence has many takers. Those who like to see changes they get up and act, they do not spread to make it viral rather start a movement to bring changes.


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    Yes thats true negativity is spread faster than positivity. People remember the negative things more than the positive things of a person /incident. This is because we are more inclined towards finding the fault in anything. We are brought up in such an environment that we believe that nothing can't be perfect and we start finding out something negative in that. Even at the workplace bosses are always keen to find the negative points in you and believe that positive points you have in yourself are requirement of your job profile. Its hard to find such people who analyse you and come up with both the points and equally appreciate you for the positive points you have. That's human nature. Also its very easy to follow the negativity we see around us. But thats wrong we should not do that. We should learn and should create positive environment for us and others to develop more.

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    False information and negativism spreads faster than wind. This thread reminds me of the story of a Brahmin by name Raghavan and the Goat which was told to us in our childhood days. Once a Brahmin goes to a village fair and buys a small goat to get milk daily for his child. Four mischievous people planned a plot to snatch it away from him. The poor man was on his way back to his home along with the Goat keeping it on his shoulder and the first one wished him gently. He enquired him about his well being and asked why he purchased the animal? Raghavan replied that he needed milk from it. The man left innocently murmuring that he has gone mad by expecting milk from a dog. Raghavan ignored and proceeded. The second one saw him in another corner and directly asked why he was keeping a dog on his shoulders. Yet he ignored thinking that he was a madcap. At another street, the third man approached and asked him where he could get the dog as he never saw such a dog before. Ragahvan got confused and started thinking whether it was really a Goat or a Dog. While he was nearing to his house the Fourth man saluted him and asked from where he was coming. He politely narrated the whole episode and asked to confirm whether the three people were right or he committed a mistake. He gave big smile for his innocence and told him that he was duped by the sellers by purchasing a Dog thinking that it were a Goat. He also suggested next time while purchasing such animals he should take some experienced people like him. Raghavan repented for his innocence and left it there. Thus four people can make an untruth a truth. That is what exactly being happened today.

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    It is human nature to take interest in negative things and avoid the positive ones. The main reason is if you agree with positive things you will have to work but favouring negative things have no stake.
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    It is very true that people are easily attracted to the negative aspects in life then anything of constructive and positive nature. This is a general tendency and most of us are having this trait though it is not desirable.

    People who spread rumours, people who backbite, people who criticise just for the sake of criticism and people who never agree with others because of their ego are all suffering for negativity in life. They may be feeling great as apparently people listen to them and they are welcomed in the social groups but they are the big losers and their creative energies will be at the lowest ebb.

    We should as far as possible avoid such dreadful and harmful traits from our mind and try to induce positive thoughts and creative ideas so that the life becomes a meaningful journey.

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    Yes, it is. And how someone handles the negativity says a lot about his or her character. Every day, there are a bunch of articles and post, making fun, trolling celebrities and other activities. In fact, there are so many articles and post degrading, abusing these leaders, famous Entrepreneurs etc. Question is, how much importance they give and we give over these posts.
    Sometimes, criticism is necessary. It allows you to judge where and what went wrong, but obsessing and pondering over it for long is a wastage of time. Find the reason, if it is good, work on it. Else let it go.

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