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    Wuhan formula put to rigourous test.

    It is a known fact the Indian and Chinese Influence in the south east Asian region is competitive towards each other. With south Asian nations undergoing political turmoil it is imperative that the two matured democracies respect Wuhan spirit. Maldives, Nepal,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan which are considered to be Indian sphere of influence have quickened themselves to enter into Chinese imperialism to escape from Indian Big Brother attitude. This greatly affects the South east Asian diplomatic stability and Balance of Power. Will India and China stand up to the crisis or will the region emerge into a new Cold war region ?
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    This aspect completely depends on the attitude of the two important nations in the region namely India and China.
    Xi Jinping regards India as a potential ally of the US and Japan. For China, I feel India alone may not be a serious problem. The border is in control of the Chinese as they have more troops there. But China thinks it is good for them if they can stop India 's affiliation towards the US. That is why the Chinese are happy to have an informal summit. They heard what Modi talked and made him happy. But how serious they are in implementing the resolutions taken in the summit is more important. Now China is trying to make close relation with Pakistan and trying to make a place for them in Pakistan. This is again a big problem for our country. This action of China is an indication that they are not very serious in Wuhan formula. That is what it looks like for me. Anyhow the time only can give us the correct answer.

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