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    Let us focus on peace everywhere

    The world is once again being divided into blocks. The US sanctions against Iran is a recent example. The Trump administration seems to be hell bent on giving a big blow to IT companies. These companies were set up only with the express understanding that the Western powers would support IT talent.

    In fact, the advanced West does not seem to appreciate that their profits were made possible, only through the efforts of millions of Indians, who work, right here in India, for wages that are far less than what is paid in the US and other countries. Yes, the relatively high salaries have also contributed to the revival of the Indian economy in one way or the other.

    The trick is to convince the West that peace if only possible if they give up their hegemony and very ambitious ideas of crushing the poor people living in other countries. I guess it is a real test of diplomacy.

    India has taught peace through world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. Though we do not any Gandhi like leaders now, it is high time that we start introspecting what goes on well and what does not, within our own country, and elsewhere. Can India lead the path to peace, including with Pakistan?
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    Peace is the ultimate requirement. For an individual also a peaceful life is always the priority than all other issues. If there is no peace in life, you can't enjoy your life even though you have crores of rupees.
    The Indians are always in the front for propagating this peace mantra. But when the others are not understanding their strength and thinking that India is not having any strengths, we can't keep silent. We have to show our strengths. We are already doing that.
    The country should always try to be peaceful with all countries including Pakistan. Many times India has taken the lead and tried for that. Our ExPM Atal has arranged Agra Summit. He started Bus from Delhi to Lahore. Many such initiatives are taken by our country. But from the other side, there is no response. Anyhow, we should not give up and we should keep trying. It is true that peace only leads to development.

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    It is mutual benefit for both Indians and US. As Indians get money for their work and they get cheap Manpower so it's not that we are helping them in their development.

    Regarding peace, it's essential for every nation to have it so that the government can focus on other development activities rather than focusing on eliminating factors which are hindrance in keeping peace and harmony.

    India is peaceful country and just because of few people problem occurs but our government tries every method to make our country peaceful and maintain same with the neighboring countries like Pakistan but then the things should be done from both the sides.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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