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    Do we sympathize wild animals more than humans?

    As we all know in Maharastra a Tiger name referred to as Avani killed such a large amount of individuals and ultimately forest law enforcement officials killed the cruel Tiger, however, some animal lovers and also the majority of individuals sympathize and against of killing the tiger. As if a brain pale human killed/murdered/raped(based on situation) some individuals everyone can start off and say he should be killed/hanged while not mercy. Why there are 2 completely different thinkings within the people? will we sympathize wild animals quite Humans? Knowledgeable members, please reply to the question.
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    This is because all of us have different thought process. We all think differently.

    Killing of tigresses in Maharashtra and Lucknow was sad. It's sad because tigers are endangered species of animals. We are trying hard to conserve them. In my opinion if Avni had become man eater then she could have been captured and sent to the Zoo or any other places like this.

    Also as animals don't have the brain like us so we sympathise more with them as we expect such things from them but not from the human beings.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    In India, many poor people, after seeing a pet dog in the house of a rich man, wish that he should have borne as a dog in the rich house rather than as a human being in a poor family. This is to describe the importance a rich man gives for his dog than his servant.
    I agree tigers are endangered species of animals. One should protect them. But when Tiger is going on a killing spree and the specialists are not able to control there is no other option than killing it. As mentioned by the author the animals are becoming more important than human beings as human beings are plenty. It may not matter even we lose a few persons.
    Anyhow it is sad that the Tiger killed many individuals after turning to be a man-eater. The forest law enforcement officials might have reacted well in advance and might have taken Tiger into their fold so that no damage to human beings. Now we lost many people and a tiger also.

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