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    Indian religion based politics is re-writing narrative. Does it hurt democracy?

    Almost all major religions of the world consider India to be their home. It started with Hinduism entering India via Kybher Bolan Passes from Afghanistan and Pakistan as vedic Brahmanism leading to destruction of Indus valley culture and Dravidianism. Then Helleinistic Intrusions via the same passes and emergence of Jainism and Buddhism. Christianity entered India during 50 AD almost 20 years within Resurrection of Jesus Christ at 33 AD. Later Islam came India through Kerala and Gujarat in the same way as Christianity. All religion entered India as cultural agglomeration later evolving into Political Institutions. In this context every religious believers have destroyed Pre existing religious Institutions and structures for various reasons. Are we going to reconstruct all of them as in Ayodhya . Are we going to re write history? Several temples in South India have to be destroyed to build Jain Monasteries again. India really need to define acts done in the name of religion. Ayodhya case is far more than a temple at Ayodhya. It is going to be a precedent for several religious communities. Are we going to destruct all religious structures just because it had some other structure Previously?
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    India is a democratic country and secular country. So now anything will be politicised and politicians will always try to grab the chance. It is unfortunate in this politicians dominated country to be in a majority religion.
    When other rulers were ruling various areas of our country, they used to fight with smaller states and spoil many places of worship. If you visit Hampi in Karnataka and see the condition of the temples there, we will be in tears. But those days there was no democracy and nor secularism. So people were not in a position to speak out. Now we are in the world's largest democracy and people can talk about anything. The politicians will always try to take the advantage.

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    The author has raised some very important issues which require detailed discussion. But I am afraid that there is limited scope of discussion on this platform. However, I must submit that I have some doubts on some of the statements of the author:-

    (a) "Almost all major religions of the world consider India to be their home."---------Is it so? Do all religions consider India their home?
    (b) "It started with Hinduism entering India via Kybher Bolan Passes from Afghanistan and Pakistan as vedic Brahmanism leading to destruction of Indus valley culture and Dravidianism."---------As far as my understanding, Aryans (not Hinduism) entered India from the passes and then they assimilated with people of Indus Valley civilization and Davidian civilization. The assimilated concept is known as Hinduism. Many symbols like Bull found in Harappa and Mahenjodaro were later incorporated by the Aryans. This requires very detailed discussion, which is not possible.
    (c) So far as Christianity and Islam are concerned, when the followers of these religions came as merchants, then there was no conflict. The aspiration to loot and rule India at subsequent stages have created the conflict situation.
    (d) "Are we going to re write history?"---------History can't be re-written. The correct interpretation must be done. To hide the atrocities of Vasco da Gama or Tipu (just mentioned as examples) under the carpet is not a correct interpretation of historical events.

    Indians must know the correct facts and then only they can draw correct lessons from history.

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    Response to #652585
    Well as per my understanding. These are the answers.
    (a)Yes The statement is very true. Most religions after getting founded somewhere have got refined after they came into contact with India. Their Ideas changed after coming into contact with Indians..
    (b)Not only Aryans every religion got fused with Indian system. In India Christianity and Islam is very different from west. They have incorporated many existing rituals of Indians
    (c) This is true of Aryan Invasion too. And Christainity and Islam never came as merchants first but as preachers much before.
    (d) Hisotry is writing a story from pieces. A man's bone is found with a Knife. There could be many intrepretation like he killed himself, He got kiled by some one etcc. But which intrepretation suits our culture and methodology is always followed. Tipu persecuted HIndus and Christians those were loyal to British. Now the intrepretation that he was a religious bigot and persecuted other faith people is an exlaination. There is another which says that he kiled them for confining with British. Which explaination to chose is based on our culture and Politics. He also built a Kali temple near his capital. Renovated temples in south India destroyed by Marathas.

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    "Tipu persecuted HIndus and Christians those were loyal to British."-------Is this statement true for Malabar and Coorg, where he killed Hindus in thousands?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I think that this is the time we differentiate between religion based parties and extremists parties. Majority of these parties use the disguise of religion to manipulate the minds of their followers to help them achieve their nasty deeds. We need to wake up and educate the people as much as we can.

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