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    Mission 1000 may not be a big deal in six weeks!

    I was looking at my ISC score card - My points today - 0, Yesterday - 4 and last 30 days - 44. I smiled looking at it. Frankly got time to look at it and think over.

    One week ago, I got slipped near a hotel and sustained a minor injury. Doctors advised me one week rest without suggesting an X- ray examination. Felt happy but yesterday's review revealed a fracture at the right foot resulting a plastic bandage (latest replacement of POP) with an advice of keeping it for six weeks and a minimum rest of three weeks. Little surprised as I went for a casual review to get confirmed that I could walk freely. Contrary to this, the wound and the initial check-up deceived me. But what one can do at this juncture?

    Today is day-2 of the six weeks count down and thinking of what to do? Remembered the story of H G Wells (perhaps he must be) who was lying on bed for sometime and spent his time by reading novels. This helped him and he became a great poet and novelist in later years. Then I thought why can't I use my own platform ISC to regain my past glory? Why can't I pick up 1000 points during these 6 weeks? Do you think can I?

    Of course, my hunt starts with these five points. Isn't it?
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    I am sorry for you. I wish you get well soon.

    Getting 1000 points in 4-5 weeks is not a difficult task and you shall achieve the same with ease. I understand how boring it will be for you to have plaster for 6 weeks. I have an off of 5 days and 3 days have been gone but that was tough for me to stay at home for whole day.


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    Why only 1000 points in six weeks? You must get inspired by the luminaries of ISC and attempt to score 4200 @ 100 points per day.

    Wish you a very speedy recovery.

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    I feel sorry for You. I wish you will recover soon. I had a similar experience in 1997. I had a fracture. I was on the bed for 6 weeks. first 2 weeks I was reading some epics. Then papers from my office started coming to my house for necessary action. I was attending that work from my house and continued reading epics. Those days the internet was not very popular and I had no laptop. No ISC also at that time. Anyhow you can utilise that time for ISC and you can improve your score. 1000 points in 6 weeks is not a problem. All the best to you.
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    I wish you a speedy recovery and at the same time, go ahead with any assignment suiting to you. At this juncture, mental - relaxation is absolutely essential. Achieving 1000 points in a period of six week is not that much difficult. It is attainable.

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    I have also gone through such turmoils and very well aware of the mental stress to manage and use the available long hours. It is good that you thought to contribute in ISC and that is not a difficult task to attain the 1000 points in 6 weeks as it comes to an average of about 25 points/ day.

    You may be knowing more than me as how to work in ISC but I will still suggest you to divide your time between Forum, Resource Response and Information update so that you score everywhere and there is no monotony also. Meanwhile also ask questions in Ask Expert section also, which were always coming in your mind earlier but you were then busy elsewhere.

    When we are lying down and pondering issues then strange and unique ideas come in our mind and if we produce a forum thread on them they sometimes fetch awards. So that is one activity which you might consider during these lazy hours.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you all for your wishes. Feeling like getting a little Bhonsai plant from the virtual world.

    @ Partha: You missed the point that the bandage for the right leg would be for 6 weeks and should not be moved . To contribute to get 100 points a day needs proper sitting posture and mental balance. Moreover, it is quite difficult to use laptop in this condition. Any way thank you for the wishes.


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    The best way to spend this time recouping from the injury is to do interesting activities which are not physically taxing and are mentally relaxing. The most obvious is to read books and listen to music. The less obvious: revive letter writing! Dash off short postcards or long inland letters to relatives and friends. You'll be surprised how much you will enjoy it.

    Another suggestion: do word-based exercises. Pick out a big word from the newspaper or a magazine or a book and see how many words you can make from it. Note the word which had the most letters in it. Then the next time, see if you could make a word which is longer than the earlier one. Note that down...and so on. Once you have a good list of long words, then start making words from those! This is a good way to test your vocab skills and keep your grey cells strong.

    If nothing else, there is always the activity of doing simply nothing, letting your mind float into pleasant spaces. As for your points - don't forget our advice we give to new members who worry about points: just contribute, the points will come automatically. In short bursts, without putting your posture at risk, you can dash in and out of ISC sections. Perhaps you could think of having a small table on the bed to place your laptop, with your injured foot resting on pillows and your back supported straight with pillows, too. You can even do basic chores at the table, like cleaning rice and chopping veggies. Of course, even this sitting posture should not be maintained for long stints.

    Hoping you will be back on your feet as quick as possible. Take care!

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    ...And do share with us your achievement of 1000 points at the end of those six weeks.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I wish you a speedy recovery. Mission 1000 will not be a big deal at all, but you must have sufficient rest along with choosing your comfort zone. You can read a lot without any extra effort by just lying in bed. Take your time, no need to hurry. You will get enough ideas to post new threads and articles, so there is no need to worry about scoring fast. It will be easily achieved within that period.

    Take care!


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    #652712 Jagdish you can always work on a smartphone as I do so don't need to sit in front of a computer or a laptop when you have a problem sitting in one posture for a long.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Jagadish, Hope you are improving well. I hope you are continuing your contributions on this site. Please concentrate on the health also. I know the pain involved in remaining unmoved on the bed for long. I wish a speedy recovery to you.
    always confident

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