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    Need certain specific guidelines

    I am new to this site and wanted certain suggestions. After going through the site I find there certain broad rules which are very much essential for any healthy debate. Mostly rules centre around the following 3 concepts.
    1. Use of proper English as far as possible.
    2. Not posting Plagiarised content.
    3. Maintaing proper decorum in debates.
    But on my begining of journey I had to find my thread deleted which was on the topic Gender offenses. Of course it has been reposted. But the message showed as if it automatically gets deleted. I completely agree to the policy and rules of this wonderfull online community of ISC. But is Pre- sensorship a method followed in ISC. And further are there any topics where discussion not allowed which are otherwise allowed under Indian demos and laws?

    Next I find some of the friends rather than having a stand on the topic are just leaning on some Ideology may be left or right spectrum of Indian Poltics and are just adhering to the Ideology and seeing every issue from that perspective. This sometimes leads to get deviated from topic (noticed in threads authored by some other frinds). This may tend to become personal at times.
    At times will there be intervention by Editors?
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    Good. The guidelines given are to be followed. If there is any change the Editors will inform by posting a thread about the new changes. So we have to follow them. All threads are scrutinised by any one of the editors and they will take the decision about the deletion or continuation. Guidelines about the subjects of discussion are not mentioned.
    As far as political threads are concerned, I feel everybody will have their affiliation to one or the other political party and they will try to bring in the discussion in favour of that party only. We have been seeing this type of behaviour not only on ISC but at many other places. Anyhow on ISC if the discussion is going in different direction Editor's will be following and they will be moderating the course by deleting some responses and expressing their views.

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    Generally duplicate threads on the same issue are deleted and one that is submitted earlier is preserved.

    If we are commenting on some political leader or dignitary and using foul language then also the post may get blocked.

    Attacking a fellow member for his viewpoints and challenging him will not only block the post but one may be getting negative points for that!

    Blaming the editors and administrators for everything may not bring any fruitful result except increasing the bitterness and spoiling the creative atmosphere.

    These are some basic things and premises which one will encounter in ISC and, I think, to follow them or adhere to is not a difficult proposition.

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    Krishnan, since you have said that you are generally aware of the broad guidelines to be followed while posting content in ISC, I presume that you have read and understood the Posting Guidelines and also the rules related to contents.

    Before going to your query, let me clear the air about your post that was deleted. In this case, exactly as Umesh has concluded, your post in question was deleted because it was duplicate meaning that you inadvertently posted the same thread twice. It happens sometimes in situations like you clicked on the submit button and an error message popped up or when the net connection fails soon after you click on the submit button etc. So, once you click the submit button and some situation arises whereby your continuation is disrupted, always make it a point to open the forum index again and check whether your post has already been published before clicking on the submit button again. That will help you in avoiding posting the same content again. From the details provided, I think you did not go back to the index page to check your post because if you had done so, you would have realized that your post has been published twice. Please make it a point to check your posts once it is published. That would help you not only to detect such possibilities but also to recheck the content including the language, grammar and spellings.

    Since you are aware of the general guidelines, I am not going into further details. Please note that ISC is a moderated site and the contents posted are checked by the editors. You will agree with me that no rule or regulation can cover all the points specifically and so we approach each content on a case to case basis. In addition to looking at whether the topic on which a content has been raised or responded to is admissible, the language used, the attitude and general approach are also, among many other factors, taken into consideration while checking a post.

    You might have already got an idea from the responses of Dr. Rao and Umesh above but I thought I might be able to bring in some more clarity. Hope it helped.

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    Wonderful, Krishnan, to see a new member summarizing, in a nutshell, the basic guidelines! I would like to address your concern about English - in the forum, we are not too particular about perfection in English. We simply expect clarity in what is being conveyed. In fact, we also expect members to use the forum as a platform to improve their writing and English skills and have seen this change in a few members, wherein, on working on these aspects, they have confidently moved on to submitting articles.

    Note: The ISC admin. has provided the Grammarly tool (the basic version) free for members. It is not wholly perfect, as sometimes the tool does not catch the nuance of the sentence and will point out a word is wrong when it is actually appropriate for the context of the sentence. Yet, it does help to correct many grammar and spelling mistakes as well as point out typos.

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