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    Are we best prepared for the repercussions of the air pollution created by crackers?

    Are we best prepared for the repercussions of the air pollution created by crackers?

    Knowing the facts about the air pollution we didn't stop bursting crackers on the eve of Diwali, Is this a lack of commitment or we just refuse to accept the truth which we are facing because of the air pollution, this is not against any religious sentiments but it's our duty to give a clean air to our coming generations and preserve it for our future too. Hope we are much aware of it and help ourselves in controlling the menace of air pollution. Good Luck!
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    I think there are threads in the last 2 or 3 days on the same subject. In all these threads we are discussing pollution problem because of firecrackers. It is another one in the same lines.
    No doubt we are all aware of the fact that pollution is increasing. There are many reasons. Firecrackers on the day of Diwali is a source of pollution for a day. But we are doing many such things day in and day out. The government has banned cigarette smoking in public places. How many people are implementing this? What is the remedy for this? We are cutting many trees and converting green fields into concrete jungles. What is the remedy for this?
    Discussing these firecrackers issue on the festival and forgetting it. I think we should list out all the actions of the people which are causing pollution and think of alternatives for each one. That is what exactly required.

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    May be people are not aware of what they are doing and will be the consequences of the same. I think government should start awareness programs related to the pollution caused by bursting crackers. Its our duty not conserve environment for our future generation. Its not tough if we are determined and take care of few things strictly.

    The reason for people not following it is the casual approach they know consequences of polluting air is not going to affect that much to them. The results will be severe gradually and they will not be there to bear the results. But this thinking is very wrong we should think of our future generation as how will they survive in such a polluted environment. We should stop here.


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    Is cracker smoke of one day in an year comparable to the 365 days of automobile and industrial pollution all over Earth all 365 days 24 hours?

    This cracker pollution is just the plan of certain vested interests to destroy the Indian fireworks industry.
    Why can't smoking be banned as a cause of pollution and cancer?

    I see some hidden agenda in coming against the Diwali crackers. There is continuous restrictions being applied on matters of one religion in our country . That is why it makes me think about some hidden agenda from certain quarters.

    When we pollute the atmosphere with millions o vehicles why to say about a few firecrackers for a day or two by a few people? Air is polluted by aeroplanes, missiles and rockets. Sea is polluted by boats and ships. Land is polluted by motor vehicles and industries. When monsters and giants are there why pick up a small ant? Vested hidden agenda and stereotype copy action.

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    The repercussions are already felt in different parts of the country. Let's keep aside religion and politics on the issue of pollution. The main problem with many of us is, we don't care for others. We forget things and try to dub them as insignificant if some kind of harm/humiliation is done momentarily.

    The crusade against pollution made by firecrackers during Diwali is going on for quite sometime and since all the previous guidelines of the courts and PCBs are not implemented strictly, it is appearing tougher this time. The pollution during Diwali may be a hot topic because of all the wrong reasons, but are we careful enough to follow the necessary guidelines in other sectors too?

    If we look into the pollution caused by vehicular traffic in Delhi alone, it will be found that many vehicles are running without the PUC certificate, which is mandatory. If this is the situation in the national capital imagine how it is in other places. Celebration of Diwali and bursting crackers for the same may be of 2-3 days, but its repercussions can be understood after looking in the AQI result.

    To check the pollution level, few years earlier the courts banned plying of vehicles of more than 15 years old. Now, if people do not follow guidelines in any of the verdicts and blame the other reason more if her/his violating nature is brought to light, then who is to blame for that? I think, we do not know this answer yet. We love to debate, we love to blame others with different excuses but we do not like to follow rules and not even prepared for the repercussions also.


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