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    Do we always have to compare?

    No doubt we are judgemental humans, and we tend to discuss the pros and cons of almost everything. We tend to have views, perception and sometimes we hold on to our ideas and thoughts too much, that even when we compare it to other stuff, it is always leading us to have a bitter experience. Maybe a fight, dispute or any other good word for quarrel.
    If we like something, why do we like it? Because we compare it to its previous counterparts, some other factor, which was missing and now its there.
    For example, Parents tend to compare their children and tend to motivate their kids, by quoting examples (indirect comparisons).

    People judging political parties, leaders and their actions, policies.
    Students comparing their grades, colleges, employees comparing their current and previous organization policies etc.

    But where to draw the line? When do we decide that this situation doesn't fall under the comparison criteria at all?

    Do we always have to compare?
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    The comparison is always a part of our lives. we compare with the people who are more comfortable than us and start worrying. We compare our children with the neighbour's children. We compare our house with the neighbour's house and start thinking about how to have a bigger house than the neighbour. I think the comparison is not required in these aspects. But in some instances, we require a comparison for our betterment.
    In our career, we should have a benchmark and we should always compare ourselves with that benchmark. We should try to reach that benchmark. Once we reach that position again we should to readjust our benchmark and start reaching that stage. This should be a continuous process and this is good for our progress.

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    Comparing or comparison is an unavoidable attribute in our life and we will find it everywhere from our childhood to old age. It is a hidden tiger chasing us day and night. We can not escape from its paws.

    There is nothing like absolute. It is the comparison only which decides our performance or progress in life. Our productivities are compared against the already set bench marks and if we can perform better new bench marks are set.

    During the journey of life it will lead to confrontations, fights, bitter moments, jealousy and many other unwanted negative things but we have to accept them in their entirety and go ahead.

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    This always happen we fix some bench mark for everything in life. For everything we don't have any parameter to measure therfore we fix bench marks and start comparing things. It's okay when we correlate things whicwe had in our past and think of the consequences we had and as per that we decide our course of action whereas comparing people with the perfectionists is wrong as every one has their own skills and character, we can't ask him to behave or perform like others. I started the similar thread few days back:

    this thread


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    Simply comparing is not going to solve any problem. We have to compare with someone only when we have to compete against that and we are prepared to take that challenge and do the hard work required.

    So comparing has always a next step which we must pursue or we should not compare.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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