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    Why safety aspects remain less important during festivities?

    Safety and security of the citizens are among the priorities of the police force. Citizens also have a great role to play by following the guidelines in place. People tend to break rules everywhere and pay fines for that. A close watch by the law enforcement agencies is a must to implement the rules of safety. During festivals, it is seen in West Bengal that people do not care much about following safety rules and the police personnel also look in the other way.

    People think it's natural to avoid those rules during festivities and police personnel remain busy by managing the crowds and ensuring the security of the nearby places. Many people do not wear helmets while riding two wheelers and there is rash driving on empty streets. The same police personnel, who become over active just before the Pujas to penalize bike riders without helmet, look the other way during Pujas and never apprehend those riders. It seems the safety aspects take a back seat during occasions where a large crowd throngs the streets.
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    This is really sad people keep their safety aside specially on the festivals.
    In temples there is lots of crowd on festivals. I remember once I went to "Bankey Bihari" very famous temple of lord krishna situated in Mathura on the occasion of janamashtmi. It was so crowded and there were no special arrangement for the exit of crowd if some mishappening happens. We did not stay much in the temple and few days later I read in the news that on a festival few people died during stampede. I was shocked and cursed the management for not taken any safety measures for emergency handling. Its a shame for them as they just believe on collecting money people donate in charity there.

    It's sad paople take risk of their life and other's life by not wearing seat belt or helmet while driving, also they don't obey the traffic rules. As there is no such crowd control plan by the traffic police that's why such things happen on festivals.


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    Safety is required all 365 days. Every moment we should follow safety. This should be the attitude. But unfortunately, we will not give importance to these safety aspects many times in our lives. In Hyderabad, we see many people not following safety rules every day. We see many people especially young and middle-aged people who violate the safety rules. But one thing good in Hyderabad is on festival days the traffic will be a little less than normal days as many people move out of Hyderabad to their native places. On those days police will be very alert as there is every chance there may be a communal violence. So the police will try to keep everything in order. They will be very strict with all on that day. So we see fewer safety violations on these days.
    I don't know why people will be so careless and take unnecessary risks for saving a few minutes. Why they don't understand the importance of their lives.

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    Safety is very important and we must observe it all the time.

    Some people ignore safety in the over enthusiasm of the festivals and that is the fatal mistake on their part when something unwanted happens and spoils the mood.

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    Safety is to be inculcated in a person since his childhood. It is not something to be taught just before the accident. During Diwali festival, I have seen some persons doing daredevil act with the firecrackers. What will there children learn from this?

    Long back I was attending a workshop on safety where an old lecturer asked us do you have a shop in your town where you get human body parts so they if you work carelessly and loose one of your finger or even hand then you go there and purchase that part and fix it and start your work? Everyone laughed and said - no.

    This is still fresh in my memory and I do not understand why we can not adhere to basic safety observations in our life. Probably, we have not been nurtured in that way and today we are so careless and casual in our approach that I am forced to think that it is a miracle and God's grace only that we are still alive.

    Whether it is the festival euphoria or excitement or not we are not having concern for our safety or the safety of the other persons surrounding us when we are going to take unconditional risks in our life.

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