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    Why religion becomes a hindrance even for the celebration of anniversaries of great people.

    Just now I read the news that tomorrow is birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan and BJP on Friday staged protests asking the authorities to drop the event. Protests are organised when the karnataka government has planned to celebrate Tipu Jayanti on November 10 in continuation of the previous Congress government's policy.While Tipu Sultan is considered a freedom fighter by the state government, he is considered a religious person by the BJP and its affiliates.

    I am surprised by the protest. Do we need such protest for this leader? Was he such a person that we need to fight for celebrating his anniversary?
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    I know right! This is so stupid. I think fanatics like these should be banned from India. Tippu, while he was alive, was very tolerant to other religions. He fortified Mysore against foreign threats. His battle strategies earned him the title tiger. Even if all of these doesn't matter in present, Mysore earns a fortune because of Tipu's museum and his property, through tourism. I really wish these stupid protests end.
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    In our country, every small issue also will be taken as a chance to gain some political advantage. Here the two parties are also interested in their political gain only. I know none of them is very keen about what they are doing. The ruling party wants to get the sympathy of a section of people by celebrating the birthday of Tippu. At the same time, the opposition party wanted to use this occasion to attract another section of people.
    They will be happy and enjoy. Unnecessarily we will be fighting and quarrelling on the roads. Whatever the government wants to do will be done. The opposition party will be in the news for protests. Both will gain their scores. The ultimate losers are the people. This is a very common issue in our country. It will go like this as long as we will not think that we are all primarily Indians.

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    "I know right! This is so stupid. I think fanatics like these should be banned from India. Tippu, while he was alive, was very tolerant to other religions"------------------Mr. Aditya Mohan, little bit study of history beyond the standard history book won't do you any harm!
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    Just now I have come to know that the Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy is missing the Tipu Jayanti due to ill health. Further, the astrologers told him that he would lose power if he attends the programme. Sanjay Khan, Vijay Mallya, Siddaramaiah have suffered due to their associations with great Tipu.
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    Whether people believe in a religion or not, it is the most powerful aspect in our society and political circles. Even the most educated and qualified people hide from interrogation when such question are raised by the individuals or groups.

    Most of the wars and revenges held in the history of the world are due to the religion and the gullible people feel that it is the order of the God and His disciples to do so.

    The politicians will always take mileage out of the religious issues as some religious leaders also do.

    The main bone of contention is the difference in tolerance level in different religions. History is witness that those who are more tolerant have suffered the cruelties of invaders and tyrants.

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    So you think Tippu was not a tolerant and strong military leader Partha? Even when he sports a tilak in many portrayals of his? Even when his museum contains many artifacts from other religions. His personal belief was another thing but to my best knowledge he was tolerant as long as he lived. Trust me. My relatives live in Mysore and their forefathers have been telling them the greatness of Tipu.

    Do you find anything wrong in the supposed history I speak of?

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: I am presently a little bit busy on another site. So, I can't answer in details. But I am giving some links for your reading. Especially the third one, which talks about Tipu's own letters which bear the testimony of his vile mindset, would be interesting. Of course, our secular history books don't mention all these things.

    (a) Tipu's atrocities on Hindus & Christians:
    (b) Tipu's atrocities outside Mysore region:
    (c) Tipu's letter:

    But, the study would be a little bit time-consuming.

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    Yes Partha I have read those links. I get it. Tipu lead an ambiguous life. On one hand he was donating huge sums to big south Indian Hindu temples and on other hand was persecuting them. But its clearly not a religious vendetta I suppose. Tipu even persecuted people of his own religion. Muslims of Malabar according to some sources. Which means this wasn't a hatred towards a particular religion.
    His court did consist people of different religion so that does mean he was tolerant. Mysore coins always showed Tipus name and a Hindu god in the back. The god was mostly narasimha because Narasimha was the patron deity of Karnataka.

    The worst part about history is, all we can do is assume. We can not concretely say anything. Or can we? Tipu and his father effectively kept Britishers at bay. They had good trade and military relations with foreign nations. Which is brilliant and is visible. I think his contributions are more important than his character here. Because his contributions unlike him live even today. For that he atleast deserves a day.

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    For that he atleast deserves a day.""--------------------Another article written by Sanjeev Nayyar provides the answer to this comment. Kindly read this:

    Another small issue. Like others, I also studied about Tipu's greatness in the history books prescribed by my school and by the West Bengal Board. But thanks to my parents and my history teachers in schools, I continue studying history beyond the standard books, I try to know the truth which the secular historians never let us know.

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    The present controversy is purely based on religious intolerance prevailing in the country. The religion these days is becoming more of a dividing force in our country thanks to the religious fanatics. These fanatics are driven more by intolerance than any religious beliefs. Now coming to the Tipu Jayanti let us think of what sort of person Tipu Sultan is? Does he require recognition? It all depends upon how we want to understand him. For some people, he was a freedom fighter, a valiant king, who was tolerant of all religions, generously financed Hindu temples and an able administrator. For some, he is a killer of Hindus and Christians and intolerant to other religions.
    The history states that he fought valiantly against the British and considered as a freedom fighter. The Marathas, who are Hindus, invaded Mysore and surroundings in 1791 and ransacked the Sringeri Peetham and the Sharadamba temple. They damaged the temple and looted the temple of its valuable possessions. The Sringeri Swamiji wrote to Tipu Sultan and he immediately made all the necessary financial and other arrangements to run the Sringeri Peetham, which is the center of Hindu religion. How can one say that Tipu Sultan is intolerant to other religions? He gave generously to all the temples in his kingdom.
    Those days there were many Kingdoms, small and big ruled by various Kings. They were always fighting with each other. Many people were killed during those wars belonging to all religions. The Hindu temples were mainly attacked because they had immense wealth with them. This was the main reason for the temples being attacked.

    The protestors are protesting out of intolerance. Tipu Sultan deserves the recognition.

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    Now the time has changed. Ridiculing Hindus by glorifying the Hindu-killers will not be accepted anymore.

    Further, I would like to know why didn't the supporters of this Tipu-jayanti celebrate this abominable jayanti 20 years ago? Why is it being celebrated for the last five years?

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    What about the Hindus who killed Hindus? What about King Ashoka and many other Kings who fought with other Kings and killed Hindus? What about the Marathas who ransacked Hindu temples at Sringeri and also Tirupathi and killed many Hindus in the process? Now the intolerant people are propagating all these for their political gains.
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    Partha, all the links provided by you are of those sources that subscribe to the ideology you hold close to your heart (and it is always so). Why don't you look for links that give a different version and try to compare? You ridicule people who have a different opinion and advice them to learn history. Why should I read and abide by sites like @voiceofdharma or @esamskriti etc. I may read it and make an assessment from my perspective but why should there be any attempt to quote such sites which hold on to certain beliefs and ideas and establish that what they propagate is the truth? It would be better if you read those and give your own views instead of just providing some links whenever discussions of this nature are held.

    If there are people who believe that Tipu was a Muslim tyrant who converted or killed Hindus, there are people who believe otherwise also. I would like to rely on the response by KVRR at #652659. Tipu was a ruler as anyone else and if Hindu rulers who committed similar acts can be glorified, why should there be different criteria for Tipu? Just because he was an Islam?

    And all the way we keep forgetting to mention about all those Hindu Kings and Princes who had taken sides with foreign invaders either in the hope of extending their territory or to ensure that their place and space are secure. What should we call such traitors? I think they were worse than the invaders.

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    The present discussions elsewhere in the country on historical events and celebrities are making common man fed up with all this non-nonsensical debates. I wonder whether it is necessary for us to study history when people are trying to redefine them in their own style. So far we have studied about the positive shades of people like Tipu Sultan and it would not be that much curious to know about the other side of any individual. Is it necessary now?

    These trends of discussions would lead to our cultural disintegration and disharmony which is not good for the country. Unfortunately the present political leaders who happen to be pseudo-secular are trying to deviate the core issues of nation and diverting our attention. When shall we get relieved of these unwarranted discussions and focus on development?


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    #652687: Very unfortunately for the liberal people, the letters written by Tipu pictorially depicting his achievement of killing Hindus and aim of wedging jihad, still exist. Only the liberal links/people conveniently forget these letters.

    #652688: All these painful issues are coming back, people are re-reading history because secular people have started to celebrate Tipu-jayanti. No Ashoka-jayanti, Khrishnadevaraya-jayanti, Chola-jayanti is celebrated. People forget the Bhangarh massacre, people forget Pooli Thevar. Nobody talks about Lachit Burgohain. Do these secular liberals (who celebrate this abominable jayanti) know why Mandyam Ayengars don't celebrate Diwali?

    Further, your solution of not studying history is the precise trap which these liberals have set. They want Indians to forget their glorious past. They want Indians to remember only their subjugation.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is really an unfortunate thing that people are misusing the religion in one form or other. The purpose of religion is to attain peace and order in life by worshipping the God but today people are using it as a weapon to offend the other party.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The Sringeri Mutt possesses 47 letters written by Tipu Sultan to the then Sankaracharya Sri Sacchidananda Bharati III. Tipu Sultan had great respect for the Sankaracharya. He renovated many Hindu temples as per the information available on the internet. One of those temples was the Sharadamba Temple damaged by the Marathas in 1791.
    Tipu Sultan lived more than 200 years back. The happenings of that time cannot be commented upon by comparing to the present times. It was history and best left at that. What they did then was according to those times.
    History is very important whatever may be the subject but we are now facing such a situation where we do not know what to believe and what not to believe. Everything is distorted nowadays.

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    It seems from the discussions in the thread that a court has ordered severe punishment for Tipu Sultan. I think this country has become 'ultra-secular'. The politicians know our countrymen so well and they are utilizing it properly to garner votes.

    Religion is a luxury in India. A country where almost 30% are living below poverty line, do you hope the rest 70% will work for the upliftment of them or will fight among themselves to make the situation worse? That is what all the political parties are doing. There will be raging debates in news channels about religious issues, debates are going on for a long time and the people are feeling the punch.

    Suddenly few people started to think more about religions keeping everything aside. As long as people will work from core beliefs without being logical, they will get exploited. The world has changed a lot, but our outlook remained the same. We refuse to learn.


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