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    Why a few people become staunch supporters of political parties?

    "I am a supporter of XYZ party". "Oh, I am too a supporter of that party. You see, they are true nationalists and are so liberal. I am in the ABC movement, are you there, too"? Well, this may be a natural conversation between any two individuals, but why people become a supporter of a political party? Supporting any movement has a cause behind it. It is required to bring in some changes. There are different forms in which a movement can be organized. On the other hand, political parties are there to form the government and implement different schemes and work towards the welfare of the society.

    Before every election they dish out their manifestos and campaign in every places to make people aware of their intended activities. People think on those issues and vote the political party they think fit to carry out the developmental agenda. It's a temporary process and in general, elections are held after every 5 years. In the next term, the same thing is repeated like distributing the manifestos and campaigns to mobilize support.

    When the whole process is temporary, then why there are staunch supporters of every political party who never vote for any other party during elections? Why there are support bases of political parties? Are the people solely dependent on them, when the only role people can play to bring them in office is vote? Members, please express your views.
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    The title is a little confusing ? "Why few people become ....." actually means "why no people become ...." It should have been "why a few people .....". I stand for correction.

    In fact there are only a very few people who really follow a particular Party. At the same time when an election comes Party workers go and meet each and every voter and force them to vote to their candidate. Sometimes they offer several promises, like jobs, houses, landed properties or even money. Very often Money will be distributed to every voter. Personal relationships and other connections are also used to get votes. Caste, religion, etc. are also used as attraction for voting. In country sides transportation facilities are provided to the voters by the agents of the candidates. Thus all techniques are used by candidates and their party workers to attract voters.
    Manifestos will be there as authentic statements of candy or respective parties which make the voters believe the spoken issues. And above all our country have been following a political touch to everything. Most of the people read one or more news papers. Also they may be watching news channels belonging to different political ideologies. These automatically keep the voters attached to one of the parties.


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    It is quite natural that many of us are affiliated to one or the other political parties based on the ideology, the leader who leads it and its performance and reactions on various issues. Of course our affiliation may not be constant and it may change from time to time. I am talking on behalf of the people who speak on unambiguous terms and think the issues in terms of issues and solutions. But unfortunately the scenario today has changed and people are unable call a spade as spade because we are all divided based on caste, religion, linguistics and what not. Sycophancy has reached to its epitome and extending blind support where they are to be questioned has become a cause of concern today.

    The role of media has become dubious. They can elevate anyone and down play someone, if the want to do so. The Fourth estate which once protected the democracy has now become one of the root causes for its danger today. We are also getting influenced by them. Thus many more points can be narrated like this.


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    I don't like talking on political issues or parties or the leaders. I know they are all liers, they make us fool when they need votes from us and leave us when their motive gets fulfilled. I know my attitude is also not right but what can be done when we have so much corrupted politicians in the country and when we can't mend them so it better to change yourself.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The people will go with a political party that is having the policies and principles which will be of interest to them. Some people may go with Congress, some may go with BJP and some may go with the communist party. But these days we are seeing many people going by unimportant and waste aspects rather than the party. Some people go by caste. Some may go by their religion and some go by the benefits that party is going to offer us. These days people are also changing their parties based on the candidate who is actually contesting. Some may not have any affiliation but they will go by the candidates contesting in their area. We find many employees who never bother about any party or candidates and they will not even go for voting. That is the reason we will find the votes polled will be around 60 to65% only.
    always confident

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    Generally some people will be impressed with the ideology of a party and that is why they have a kind of affiliation with that.

    At the same time some people have vested interests and they are with a particular party only to get the favours in case the party comes in the power.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Not only in our country but worldwide, people have affinities with the political parties. There may be different reasons for those affinities and it could be vested interest, ideology, family traditions, infatuation, development and factors like that.

    Whatever it may be the people keenly observe the political parties from their own viewpoint and monitor their progress minutely. This gives a feeling of thrill and excitement when one's party starts winning in election. It is almost that type of fun and excitement which we get in a cricket match or football game when our team is going to win.

    So the question - what will this party do for the country if it comes in power? - becomes secondary and the winning celebrations become the primary activity.

    I think it is our human instinct to enjoy fights which affiliates us with the political parties rather than their proclaimed ideologies.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I personally feel, we like the leader and in turn support his political party. Most of the people in India admire our PM, and I am sure, very less will admire the riots and hatred some bad workers in this party spread. No Indian in his good will, will admire Mob Lynching, hatred towards Muslim, or even spreading only Hinduism. It is wrong, and such a mindset even creates an issue for the leader, who has to answer.
    I support this party, what comes to my mind first? Who is the leader and what are his actions? I like this TV channel, as what do they show, discuss matters.

    Iti Tyagi
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