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    How to earn money on this site?

    I have joined this site a few days ago. I do not know how to earn money here. Please guide me to start my journey on this site. I am Homoeopathic Doctor. Can I post articles related to health and diseases?
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    Welcome to this site and you can get a lot of information by visiting the help section but I will like to share some basic things with you so that you feel comfortable here.

    This is an educational and knowledge sharing site. If you have interest in writing articles in your area of interest that is related to medical and health then you are at the right place to quench your creative thrust and make some money in the process. Please note that it is a reputed site and requires some basic standard of writing and presentation so do not feel bad if the articles are not accepted in first go. Revise them for spellings, grammar and contents and soon you will be in the main stream.

    There is an app available in Google Play store called Grammarly and you can download it and test your document inside it and it will ask you to correct most of the mistakes we do in our writing. I will suggest you to submit your articles only after that exercise.

    This site (ISC) is a big site and there are many sections in it which may interest you to contribute in them. The most vibrant section is Forum section where members can post their ideas for discussions and others will give response to it. You can also give response to the ideas floated by others. Daily, members will be posting newer threads where we can respond, agree or disagree and contribute our feelings in a creative way. You will get points for your content whether you respond or post a new thread. Every week some good threads will be selected for prizes fetching points as well as cash credits ranging from 40 to 60. Points will be accumulating under the head 'points' and cash credits will be accumulating under a different head of 'cash credits' and all will be transparently seen on your member dashboard.

    Members can post their articles in the article section and once approved it can get them points and cash credits starting from 15-20 to 80-100 and may be more depending upon the content and quality.

    There is another section Ask Expert section where questions on health, education, career, science, computer, personal problem, finance, legal etc are asked and you can ask as well as answer the questions asked by others. For every answer you will get some point credit as well as cash credit depending upon the quality and correctness of the answer. A correct answer can get you points as well as cash credits ranging from 1-3 to 8-10 approximately.

    Job section is for the posting of the various jobs and vacancies in our country and you have to rewrite them in clear and precise way as per the ISC format and if you can submit them and they are approved then you will be getting points and cash credits around 2-4 to 15-20.

    Then there is the response to the articles written by other members and if you can submit good comments adding value to these articles then you can gain some points and cash credits there also. It is usual to get in the range 1-3 to 8-10 in that activity.

    You can post informations regarding tourist places, towns, villages, schools, colleges, districts etc and earn commensurate points and cash credits there in the range of 1-5 to 80-100 and even more depending upon the quality and contents.

    Apart from above there are many contests held every month on creative writing and many awards announced time to time almost on a monthly basis which can fetch you cash credits from a minimum of 5-10 to whopping 500.

    More points you accumulate your chances to share revenue will increase which is generally restricted to top 20 members in a month.

    Once your cash credits are accumulated to a comfortable level as specified by you say 500 or 800 or like that, you will get an intimation of that payment to you and you can upload an invoice in the site itself to get the payment to your bank.

    This is a big site and you will find many new things during your journey here but I simply tried to provide a synopsis of the activities. The figures quoted by me are only approximate to give you an ideas and they will differ from individual to individual.

    So start contributing in your area of interest and all the best in this online creative hub.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to ISC, Dr. Sakina! You have chosen the right place to share your knowledge on health related topics. Mr. Umesh has already described in brief about the sections where you can contribute and earn. There are many help topics dedicated to each section and I am sure you will find most of your answers there.

    You follow the posts in all the sections and get acquainted with it. Apart from the posts in the sections, you must follow the posting guidelines in all the sections. Since this site is moderated, any post which is not conforming to the guidelines will be restricted.

    It is always advisable to start with the forum section and make valuable replies to the posts. You post new threads and see the other members' views on them. ISC is the site where you will learn many things and will be able to earn also. So, start contributing here on topics of your interest and share your experience with us. Wish you all the best.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Welcome to the site Sakina. It's a good decision you made to register yourself here. Although most of the things Mr Umesh has told you how to earn on this site still you go to the form section, there are threads where you will come to know how this site works and pay to its member.

    Still, I will recommend you to write well articles here as they may get you good cash credits as well as the points. Points as already made cleared in above response has its importance. Points determine your rank on the site, also at the end of the month, the site shares its revenues to the members there they decide from the points a member accumulated in a month.


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