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    What has made the Congress party so much conscience of the Hinduism?

    No doubt that every major political parties are involved in the appeasement politics but in the latest of its development the Congress party has shown interest towards the sentiments of Hindu population. In no time in the history of Indian politics that this party was so much concerned of the Hinduism but now the trend seems to have shifted all the way. I see the time when any of the political parties never believed to have any importance of this section or belief & worst of the remarks had been used for this community but it's good to see that even for show-off piece but some respect is being evident with promises of Gaushala, Ram Path, spiritual Centre for the upcoming election in MP.

    Hoping that it's not an end but more mean & cheap practices are still yet to be seen.
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    Every political parties is wooing the voters on the name of cast, creed and religion. Congress also knows these tricks and hence they are also trying to woo the large number of hindu voters.

    But today the voter has become intelligent and if a party does not show concrete work, he will not vote for him.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is all to attract the voters. A strong belief is there in the public that the Congress party is now against Hinduism. Added to that the Ex-President Pranab Mukherjee in his book specifically mentioned that the present leadership of Congress party is against Hindutva. This talk has gone to the public through social media. So the party has to do some damage control work. I think the present pro-Hindu nature is in that direction only. Unfortunately, in our country caste, creed and religion will play a very important role in the elections. The leaders are trying to take that point for their advantage and trying for some votes. I don't see anything more than this in this particular act.
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    The biggest misery is that the voters gets influenced by the tactics of the political parties which is sad. The voters needs to think above this otherwise they will keep on complaining things during the coming times as well.

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    Political parties are well known for their expertise in harnessing the votes from the gullible voters through cheap and popular measures. They will play with the sentiments of the people to win for their seat.

    They will make false promises which have no basis and the voters will believe them. Religion is always a favourite mileage creator for them and Hinduism or to that matter any 'ism' will be useful for them till they win the election and enter the corridors of power.

    The gullible voters are also not able to distinguish between the genuine and false candidates as everyone is making promises and assurances during election times.

    Knowledge is power.

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    #652776 / umesh, accordingly the voters have already lost his mind & they are choosing their steps as intended by the politicians. Politicians seems to be more intelligent here.

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    The elections in few states and the general election next year has made them to develop new strategies. Religion is a hot topic in India and always a great divider among different sections. Because of this, the politics of appeasement is going on for a long time. The BJP is always branded as a 'pro-Hindutva' party by the opposition and this tactics of the Congress may be to counter the BJP in the coming elections.

    Political parties always behave like opportunists and during each election they find new allies and strategies to garner more support. It's so distressing that no political party ever says that we are Indians or Humans, their only concern is to create a support base and they will do anything for that to woo the voters.


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    Congress and Hinduism! We must not demean the party in this manner. How can they be fully conscious of Hinduism when the top leaders of the party don't know how to wear the sacred thread and their gotra?

    I think the party's insincere mentioning of Hinduism and Hindu symbols comes from the reading of Anthony Report which clearly has told that Congress' disastrous result in 2014 is the direct consequence of its anti-Hindu policy and people's perception about the party. The Congress leaders are trying to rectify the mistakes, but they are making themselves more ridiculous during this process.

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    For a comparatively longer duration of times the Congress party has avoided for the cause of Hindutva & after the declaration of, that the RSS would be banned in MP if come to power, this shows about how desperate this has become. Is this party confused of its stand or have decided to try anything & for whatever means or ways. This is going to be worrisome in the Indian politics.

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    Actually Farmer chief minister in Madhya Pradesh, Recently Computer Baba came to various news channel and told Cow is in very bad state and Narmada river is in control of Sand Mafia in MP. So, he may be saying truth that's why he left Minister post in MP. This is reason Congress are taking few steps towards in welfare of Cow, Farmers (Loan waiver), Youth (Rs 5000 per month Unemployment benefit) and Against Vyapam.
    I also wanted to say that Our Ex PM Late Indira Gandhi use to go to temples and Mr Rajiv Gandhi opened the Ram temple gates in ayodhya, which later made issue by BJP leader Advani and others and they keeping this issue a issue so that they keep doing politics on RAM Mandir. You can understand this as Mr Modi even though he has full members in Parliament is not solving the issue and putting everything on SC. They want to do politics as long as possible or maybe they don't have courage to make Ram mandir from parliament. Spokesperson of BJP / RSS ask why Supreme Court is delaying Ram Mandir case and try to pressurize SC but they don't ask from Mr Modi is that why he don't have courage to make Ram Temple by using Parliament? Courage which was shown by Mr Rajiv Gandhi to open Temple Dwar. He was the person who wanted to solve that without noise. These days we see useless Noise is made by BJP etc in various places with speakers mandir wahi banayege. i Don't understand who knows the exact place of Lord Ram birth place exactly. He was born in big FORT of Ayodhya.

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    #652813 / Rahul, for any bill to become law needs to get complete majority in LS as well as in the RS. The NDA has the majority in the LS but lacking behind in RS in terms of numbers & therefore even if this is cleared in the LS but will get stuck in the RS as we all have been evident during the Triple Talaq.

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    I don't think it would be correct to suggest that the Congress party was ever anti-Hindu. For a totally Hindutva party like the BJP (and its supporters), any act which is milder than ultra-Hindutva (not Hindu) will always appear to be anti-Hindu. And they do not appease any other religion for votes. But they don't mind fielding Muslim candidates from Muslim dominated areas and also don't mind inducting Christians into the cabinet from areas that are known to have a dominating presence and influence of Christians. We are noticing changes in the attitude of the so-called nationalists. Let no one play the messiah of Hinduism; Hinduism and Hindutva cannot be weighed in the same balance. So, these kinds of tactics are employed by all parties during elections and there is no need to highlight any particular leader or party. With the Ram Mandir and Clean Ganges promises (like so many others) still to take off, the BJP will have to look for other points to ensure their hold in the center and what better way than to demean their main opponent.

    And Partha at #652801, I am a Hindu but I don't wear a sacred thread. Saying that only those who wear the sacred thread are Hindus indirectly amounts to supporting the notion that the BJP is a party for the high class (castewise) Hindus only. And regarding knowledge about Gotra, there are so many Indian kids and even youngsters and elders (Hindus) who have been born and brought up abroad who do not know the same because they are least bothered; they have better things to think about.

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    Nowadays I have been listening to various lectures on the difference between Hinduism and Hindutva. However, even after lots of effort, I have not understood the difference.

    As I am very eager to learn the difference, first I want to know the definition of Hinduism. Can any Member give a comprehensive, all-encompassing definition of Hinduism? Thereafter, I will go to Hindutva thing.

    First, can Hinduism be defined? Let me learn.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Randeep Singh Surjewala once told, Indian National Congress is that party, in whose blood Brahmin Samaj's DNA is present.
    Mr Partha,
    Listen to Congress Party's leaders for the definition of Hinduism!

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    Being a political party favoring a particular sections or belief of a society can easily be evident on the basis of the numbers of policies being defined in favor of that section or a belief by that political party. Hope so this works.

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