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    Hard work without talent may be lame, but talent without hard work is a shame.

    Many of the talented people failed as they were not hard workers. Talent alone is not a guarantee to be a successful person, one has to work hard for achieving success.

    Consider an example of a singer, he may be talented but there is a lot of hard work which made him a good singer. If he had the talent but had not put in any hard work he would not have become a good singer and that is a shame.

    If one wants to do well in studies or anything in his life then one has to work hard to get the desired results. There is no replacement for somebody who puts everything he's got into something he desires. Apart from both talent and hard work what else is required is the passion. Don't do what other's expect you to do but do what you love to do. You will always do well in things you like so one should choose a career as per his likings, not as per others.

    So apart from talent and hard work, remember the factor of passion also in whatever you do.
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    There is no replacement for hard work. Hard work always pays rich dividends. For talent, hard work adds we can do wonders. As the author mentioned, if you have a passion to do a work you will definitely do it in a better way. A combination of all these three factors, talent, hard work and passion can do wonders.
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    In real life it happens so sometimes. There are average people who are very hard working and laborious and get their goals with great persistence.

    At the same time there are intelligent people who avoid hard work and think that they will get success just like that but fail miserably.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Whether a person is talented or mediocre there is no substitute for hard work. Yes, it is an unfortunate case if the talented person does not put efforts for his career and progress.

    At the same time the mediocre should not be discouraged by his deficiencies rather he should stand up and show his worth which can only be achieved through hard work and determination. There are many great people in the history which were termed as lame and dull in their schools and in fact they dropped out of the school but later they became an example for the world to follow and the only reason was their persistent approach and hard work to reach the zenith of their career. Surprisingly some of them were self employed.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This reminds me of one incident. A couple of years back, it was the performance season, and we were performing all the latest songs. One of my friends is known to be a good singer (he is below average, as he is off most of the time), but he is too lazy to learn lyrics and feels like singing the same lines can get us fame. We went on to practice and there is a music sense which is missing, he was most of the time out of sync, and it was an issue with the drummer. I requested him to be more hardworking in this area, else there are so many bands, who will be performing and it will make a bad impression in the newspaper. Well, somehow I managed to save that show (with God's grace, and I practiced well). Later on, he posted on social media "Hard work beats Talent" (what an irony).
    But, this sentence, "Hard work beats Talent", doesn't fit in Music.
    If you have Talent, polish it.
    If you do not have talent in this domain, no hard work is going to help you. So find your niche and work hard in that.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Working hard to achieve the goal is essential whether one has the talent or not. But, working hard without knowing the actual process to do the job will make the work even harder. Just think of the case of a student who studies for only few days before the actual exam. She/he has to work tirelessly for those few days to just successfully clear the examination. On the other hand, a good student is studying throughout the year to score good marks. Both of them are working hard, but the period of hard work varies.

    One must work consistently to be successful in her/his field of interest. The author has mentioned a very important point in this thread where he mentioned that we should do things that we love rather doing things that others expect us to do. It's very important in life but also dependent on the situation.

    There are many examples where people having interest in other activities have chosen their career because of the insistence of their parents and later repenting because of it. There are people too who are enjoying a completely different career despite having interest in other things. So, it's always important to love things that you do and work hard to achieve the goals.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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