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    Work is the food for mind

    Just like food is essential for our stomach and body system to function properly work acts as food for our mind. An empty mind is devil's workshop it is said. Hence we need to feed our mind with food called work. If we starve our stomach we get to see a number of negative impacts like acidity etc. Similarly, if our mind is idle continuously it starts getting occupied by unnecessary thoughts, fears, irritation and we start developing negative traits like destructive nature, gossiping and unnecessarily criticizing others. But if we keep our mind occupied with work it remains busy in doing constructive things and does not get time and room to get entangled into negative things. Hence it is best to feed our mind with food called work so that it remains engaging and does not go in the wrong direction.

    But does that mean we should constantly keep our mind occupied without rest? Sometimes we skip a meal or take light food to give some rest to our stomach so that it can function efficiently. In the same way, our minds also needs rest from being occupied and hence we listen to music or do meditation etc when the mind is tired.

    But just as we cannot starve our stomach continuously similarly we should not keep our mind idle for a long time and engage it in work so that it works in the right direction.
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    An empty mind is devils home that's right. But that's not essential that all the time our mind should remain occupied. Our mind too needs rest and a proper sleep of 8 hours is enough for it. Those who work day and night get stressed that's why we need rest for our brain and should not work for 24 hours a day. A healthy mind is equally important for our body to work efficiently. Meditation is one of the ways to relax our mind and fight against the stress we feel the whole day while doing work and work pressures which exerts on our mind. Therefore apart from the healthy food which takes care of our body, we need to do something for our mind also. Recreation, meditation, yoga, sleep are few methods by which we can do that and we should do that compulsory to keep ourself fit and fine.

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    An occupied mind is the panacea for many mental disorders from minor to bigger ones. An empty mind is the source of all the evils which are possible in this world. The first thing the psychologists advise their patients is to get occupied.

    Many people get restless after getting retired from the active workplaces. It is natural. Mind requires engagement and if we can not give it that then it will start to trouble us.

    Mind is a super biochemical computer and it requires material in form of employment, feelings, affection, love, companionship, achievement, progress, facilities etc and they will only come if it is creatively engaged. A busy person has a powerful personality as compared to a dullard. Remaining busy is itself an achievement and helps in building a sound mind.

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    It is true. if there is no sufficient work to our mind it will start thinking in unnecessary issues and make you restless. So we should always have sufficient work to keep our mind active. We feel hunger and we know that we have to go for food. Similarly, if there is no activity to the brain, it will not make you understand the same. It will start thinking about many useless issues and you may get involved in those waste activities. So try to give some useful work to your brain so that it will never starve for food and undertake some unnecessary activities.
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    Very true. We must feed work to our mind otherwise it will be rusted as an old machine does if not used for a long time.

    Mind requires special type of food which can only be given through creative activities. Wandering, Idling, unnecessary talking, fighting etc are not the creative ones. They do not feed mind anything.

    Reading, writing, teaching, office working and operating the machines are some of the activities where mind is fully occupied and engaged. That is the proper food for it.

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