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    Tag your good days with your bad days

    It is a human tendency that during difficult times they yearn and pray for even a slight glimmer of hope and positive outcomes. But once they surpass their difficult times and are in a manageable situation they sometimes tend to forget their old difficulties and start cribbing about their present situation again. They start thinking that this is still not sufficient and they should get more. While it is always good to desire for more and be ambitious but an element of satisfaction and thankfulness should also prevail when we are rescued from tough times by every little success that comes our way.

    Problem is that during difficulties we badly pray for the difficult situation to get over and are satisfied with even little relief coming our way. But when the time changes and we are in a comfortable situation, we forget our old hard days and start complaining of our situation again.

    It is a truth that we can value our good days only if we remember our bad days and compare them. We can value and respect every little success we get only if we remember failures we had in the past.

    Hence we should always tag our good days with old bad days and successes with past failures. Then only we will be able to realize the importance of our possessions currently and be thankful to destiny for wherever it has placed us.
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    It's very hard for people to get satisfied with the things they have. It's very normal as most of the people compare themselves with the others but they don't try to know that the person with whom they may be comparing may have done more hard work than them to reach the position they are standing on.

    We human beings always dream for the good so how can we compare our present days with the old bad days.

    We should always try to remain satisfied with life and should work on constantly to improve it just by envying and getting jealous of someone is not going to help us .


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    You know the value of Sucess when there is a defeat. Similarly, when there is Bad only you can understand the importance of good. When there is darkness only you will understand the value of light. So we should have both good days and bad days. Otherwise, if every day is a good day only, you don't understand the importance of it.
    A person will generally, be not happy with whatever he gets. He will be interested in getting more and more. This only will give him more pains and sometimes this unnecessary greed will make us worry more and more. So one should learn how to be more contented. This contentment will give us satisfaction and we will be happy in our lives with whatever we get.

    always confident

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    Life will not be same always as there will be good times and also bad times. We must respect them in their own merit and there is no point in praising or regretting them.

    Bad times teach us many valuable lessons which give us experience in our life later to cope up with them in a better way or sometimes avoid them also. Life unfolds like a mystery and we do not know what will be the next moment.

    We feel that we have done something but actually it is a combination of our knowledge with the favourable situations and circumstances so definitely some credit goes to our knowledge but largely it is the other factors in our life which many people term as fate.

    So bad days are unavoidable but they have a silent and transient role in our progress.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We learn from the experiences of our bad days and do not repeat the mistakes or issues that are responsible for making those days bad. There are many people who suddenly start to pray when difficult times set in, when the bad days are over they forget the hardships they faced and carry on with their new activities just by thinking that those days are a bad patch in their lives.

    It's always important to analyze the reasons of any fault to rectify the situation. Luck do play a role, our actions are also responsible in many cases, that's why we should not forget the bad days and the hardships of our life. We do not know what is going to happen next, we may plan many things and try different methods to carry out the plans but at times things may go awry. Good days and bad days are part of our lives and we always learn a lot by managing the bad days. So, while celebrating the success, we must also learn from each failure that helped us to notify our faults in a different way.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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