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    Don't let money and success rise to your head

    Earning money and getting success are two good things in life. But the problem arises when few people are not able to keep these things down and remain normal. For few people both money and success rise to their head and it makes them proud, flies high, ignores others, overconfident and insensitive and disrespectful to others. Such people are not able to keep themselves down to earth. Sometimes this also results in the downfall of such people.

    On the contrary, there are some people who in spite of being rich and successful are simple and down to earth and they still treat others with care and respect. It is normally these people who are able to sustain their position in life. They do not allow success and money to rise to their head.

    Again success and money are temporary things in life. At one moment they will be with you but at another moment they will leave you depending on your destiny. Hence we should not get carried away by them and should not let them get to our head.
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    A wonderful thread and should be remembered by all. Actually, success and becoming rich is always a comparison for many people. As described here in this thread, the feeling where people think they have almost everything because they have more money than others is the reason of their downfall. From this thinking a kind of feeling develops where people tend to believe that the world is only for them and not for others.

    But the reality is the world is for everybody and here the problem starts. If somebody, who thinks herself/himself rich and very successful, tends to ignore people then that person will automatically become lonely and lose the roots. With money, one can purchase things of choice and comfort. Money is required for our living but how much is required nobody knows. Maybe because of that there is a craze to earn more and more.

    There is unhealthy competition to beat the other one to grab something one wishes. This in turn may promote jealousy to grab even more. Success is not limited to achieve one's own goal, now success is almost like comparing the position of oneself to that of another known person, maybe a friend or neighbour. It is giving rise to anxiety and depression and people are running behind success. A line must be drawn by the individual to stop this crave.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A thought provoking thread well presented by the author.

    Success in our life is achieved through hard work and good luck. Favourable circumstances and conducive environment help laborious people to rise in life. Those who know these basic facts are never carried away with their riches and prosperity.

    Life is not in our hands. It is the combination of many factors and situations in our life and we are adding only some hard work to it which may or may not lead us to shining careers or success in our life. In many societies, there is a custom of thanking God before starting the meals for giving us food. This custom was devised to realise us that we are a small part in this world and it is the mercy of the God that we are today able to have food for our meals. One may believe in God or not but these things were included in our routine to make us down to the earth.

    So the real prudent people will never be proud of their achievements. The great business leaders always acknowledged their team for the progress of their organisation rather than taking the credit alone.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Life is full of uncertainties. Those who reach now can become poor in a short time so we should not feel arrogant for the same. I have seen lots of people in my life who change once they get money and success together. They forget that it's not easy to maintain both of them if their behaviour changes. Ego makes people being hated by everyone. There are people who remain down to earth after they get fame and money as well, such people are always liked and are seen as ideal for them.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It happens with many people that they become shrewd and egoistic when they become affluent and rich and forget the old rainy days.

    Such people do not get respect in the society. A simple down to the earth person gets more respect than them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Remaining unchanged even after becoming very rich and successful is very important for a person in this world. People who born with a silver spoon in their mouths may nor understand the value of money and they may become proud. But some people may not be born rich. They will work hard and get success and wealth. A portion of such people will feel that they are very great and they will become proud. This is never an advisable issue. Success or failure is temporary. The money we may have today but tomorrow we may lose the same. Today is your day but tomorrow maybe somebody else's day. One should remember this fact and behave themselves. Thinking ourselves great is the starting point for the downfall of the individual. many people faced very bad days after enjoying wealth and success for some days due to this attitude only.
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    All our elders have been saying "Don't let money and success rise to your head" since time immemorial. But the combination of money and fame is such an inebriating cocktail that we invariably forget this till we face a major problem due to this inebriation. And then we remember this well-known adage.
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