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    Getting jealous is unintentional sometimes, but just ward it off

    Jealousy is indeed a bad quality but sometimes in life due to continuous failures, difficulties and bad luck we may tend to develop an element of jealousy within us when we compare our situation to others. We may get thoughts like “Their life is so smooth and happy”, “ They have everything they want”, “Why I am only so unlucky?”, “Why God chose me for all difficulties?”, “Why I am only under difficulty while others are enjoying?”. While by nature we may not be jealous personality but at times due to the frustration, we may get such jealous thoughts in our mind. I would not blame people for allowing such thoughts within them as after all they are humans and not robots and they are bound to get swayed by the emotions.

    So sometimes getting unintentional thoughts of jealousy may be quite natural if a person is frustrated of his or her situation but the point here is that such thoughts should not be allowed to settle in our mind permanently as it will start developing negative traits in our personality. We should quickly ward off such thoughts from our mind by analyzing our situation in a more rational way without getting emotional.
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    Jealousy is a natural trait in humans. It is an unwanted element but it is present there may be in varying amounts. Those who can control this demon, will have a peaceful and contended life as compared to common mortals.

    The consequences of jealousy are manifold and all lead to negative territories. They only retard a person in his path and weaken him in his efforts. He starts spending more time in comparisons and self pity rather then working hard and come up to the bench marks.

    Jealousy is sometimes attributed to residual animal behaviour and if it is so, it definitely downgrades us from our human level.

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    More or less, jealousy is present in all the human being in varying degree. There are people who can conceal this bad emotion with their consistent practices but majority of us fail to suppress the same. Outburst of jealousy may cause a strain in the relationship and ultimately the bondage of affection is lost. Former class of people are intelligent enough having better realisation of ugly impact of jealousy and hence they suppress it. Sometimes the achievement of opponent give them oppurtunity to start their jobs with greater enthusiasm so as to be successful in their mission.

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    Jealousy is a very natural thing in human beings. We can't avoid it as it automatically comes in our mind. But that is envy what you have mentioned in the thread. We are the envy of what others have and we don't have that thing with us. Jealousy is something a fear of losing things to someone.

    There is a slight difference in both jealousy and envy. Being jealous is harmful as sometimes a jealous partner even tries to control the action of his or her partner. A jealous person has low confidence, has some sort of fear of losing things, and a sense of insecurity.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Jealousy comes when we compare ourself with others and feel that we are deprived of something that the other person has.

    It is true that it is a human trait but it is better to get rid of it as early as possible in our life as it leads to unnecessary stress and agony.

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    Some people work hard. Some people may not be able to do that hard work. Some people who work smartly may be getting rewarded more than the persons working hard. In that situation sometimes the hardworking people may feel jealous of the people who work smart. Once we start comparing with other people we will get such feelings. The feeling of jealousy may sometimes lead us to bad health condition also.
    To avoid jealousy feeling it is advisable not to compare with any other person. It is better to have our own benchmark and work against that rather than comparing with somebody which will give us some negative feelings also. But in some environments due to human interference even deserving cases also will not be suitably rewarded. In such case unnecessarily spoiling our mind is not required. Looking for a better alternative and quitting the present one is the best option rather than getting unhealthy conditions.

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    As the thread suggests, jealousy may be at times unintentional but must be avoided. Setting our own goals and working towards it is the best option. Jealously will ultimately lead to hatred which nobody wants.

    Most of us compare ourselves with others. In many cases success is compared in terms of monetary benefits and the position one attains in a particular job. Both these are comparative studies, isn't it. If we avoid comparing our position with others then jealousy will not be there.

    At times, we may find certain situation in life that has no explanations. Being jealous or blaming somebody may work as consolation but that's not any solution. So we should avoid this unnecessary comparison and work hard to achieve our goals.


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