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    The reminicents of Diwali festival

    Diwali festival is now over and people are asking each other how was it and the general answer is that it was very enjoyable and very exciting to celebrate the festival with lights, delicious dishes and the thrill of firecrackers.

    Yesterday evening, the atmosphere was calm and subdued and it was the usual silence after such festivals when I thought to have a stroll near my house in an open area where usually children play cricket on holidays. I saw a few people walking on the sides and the open area was almost empty except a few children at the far side of the field. They were searching something and collecting it. In my curiosity I just walked in that direction and found that there were 5 boys in the age group 8-12 years and were in their half pants and dirty T-shirts. They looked from the nearby slums.

    It seemed that there was a big Diwali celebration in that part of the field and a lot of firecrackers were used but still some of the intact ones were lying scattered here and there. For these boys they were as good as new and I saw that they have already collected a handful of them.

    There faces were shining with some sort of accomplishment as they were now ready to celebrate Diwali albeit at a later date.

    I perceived it as the reminiscent of the Diwali festival and thought to share it with members here.
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    It normally happens after every festival. We enjoy festivals with great joy and energy and become calm after the festival. It was great this time as we enjoyed a lot. I have leaves for 5 days and from tomorrow its time to go back to work which is the most painful thing for me. But what can be done? Life has become normal after the festivals.

    Crackers rate were too high making it impossible for people to buy them. I understand how happy those boys were when they found unused crackers from the park.


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    Many places it is common to have this type of activities. In India still, there are many people who don't have any guarantee for two times meals a day. Such people can never afford to have these firecrackers purchased. But the children in those families can't be happy without the firecrackers. They will be roaming the whole night to get some firecrackers from house to house.
    Before the festival and during the festival people will spend all the money and their pockets will be empty by the time the festival is over. As there is no money with them they will become dull for the next day. This is a very common accept in many families.

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    The poor children can only see the Diwali festival from a distance. It is only after Diwali that they get some unused items strewn here and there in the rich premises and enjoy them among themselves.

    When I was in Gujarat, I saw poor boys snatching the abandoned flying kites overhead during the festival of Makar Sankranti. They then flew them with great joy.

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    Last year also, I raised a thread on a similar issue, the link of which is given below:-

    They also enjoy-but on the next morning

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