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    Just a suggestion about TOW.

    I have noticed that usually "Thread of the week" is announced after two weeks as far as I have been noticing from last two weeks. In such case the threads which are selected of last seek can't be responded as it becomes 14 days old and as per the rules here responding on thread 10 days old is not allowed. Therefore in my opinion announcement should be done timely or members should be allowed to respond at least on those threads.
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    Sanjeev, the Thread of the Week awards are usually announced during the next week itself unless due to some unavoidable circumstances. Even if there is a delay there is no point in allowing members to respond to threads that are ten or more days older and are no longer active. If one could not respond to a thread for ten days, I don't see any reason why he should be given a chance to do so at a later stage. The rule of ten days has been formed after lot of deliberations and cannot be diluted.
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    @Saji sometimes it happens even the good thread get unnoticed and we notice them once they are awarded TOW, in such case in my opinion people should be allowed to respond on them, may be for a week more.

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    I think. more than 10 days for responding a thread is not required. If we see the index of the threads, the 3rd day itself the threads will go to the 3rd page. I don't know how many people will go up to the third page to see for any new threads. So extending the time may be of no use. By spending a little time more on the threads section, we can see all the threads and chances of missing a thread will become very less.
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    While Saji made a relevant response of the issue raised, let me explain the scenario - The threads from Sunday to Saturday are the ones which are reviewed by the editors who select the TOW award. Then it would take at least two to three days to discuss which of the threads are award-worthy. By the time the winners are announced, in any case, the threads from Monday till about Wednesday of the previous week would have crossed the 10-day time frame. Now, why did we have this 10-day full stop? The reason - members were needlessly pulling up old threads just to get points and enter the monthly RSB list. So the time-frame applies to all threads, anyway, and not just TOW winning threads.

    As Saji suggested in another thread, why don't members check out pages two and three of the forum? You would find interesting threads right away to respond to. In fact, our forum has revived in its vibrancy since the last couple of months and we really do have worthy discussions on good topics most of the time. I often find worthy threads languishing in the back pages with no responses or just a couple of them. Once or twice I have brought these back to the front page but would like to avoid doing so frequently. The onus is on members to give wholesome attention to all threads, whether on the first page or the later pages.

    That said, this thread was in a way useful for us as input and we are going to make a renewed effort to try not to delay way too much an announcement of TOW winners.

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    Though it may not be true in all the cases but a thread which is worthy of an award is usually responded immediately by members due to its novelty or it raising an important issue.

    So there is no need for a belated response to a thread after knowing that it has been awarded. Many times I feel about a particular thread that it will get an award and my guess comes true. So the responding members also get that feel of uniqueness of thread which editors are also observing as per their experience.

    10 days is already a long time for an issue to be discussed until unless it is converted into a group discussion where sufficient time is required to discuss the issue threadbare.

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    From the current trend, I can see that generally, a Forum post loses attention within three days. So, ten days is a sufficient time to respond to such post. If a Member doesn't respond within that period, it can be assumed that either he is not a regular Member, or he doesn't check old Forum posts.
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