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    The word of friend makes you cry - the word of an enemy makes you laugh"

    How many of you believe in the proverb?

    It says the true friend will always give you the advice which you may not find good for you but that actually is good for you whereas an enemy will advise you the things which seem good but they are actually not.

    I have been in such a situation many times and that's when we are able to judge who is our friend and who is not. I know its always difficult for us to judge but that's our will. Sometimes even we know that the people are advising us wrong but we accept them because we always select the easy way out for us. And that's where we went wrong.

    I have been very judgemental since my childhood and have easily differentiated between wrong and right. What's your experience in life?.
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    My way is to go the way my intuition tells me. I will discuss with my colleagues if there is any issue related to the office. But after studying various options I will go with one of the options which my intuition tells me correct. If it is something related to the domestic front, I will discuss with my family members and again take the final decision based on my inner self.
    A friend will always advise us in a way which will help us in solving the problem. The method suggested by him may be a little hard but it is better to follow that. If the other person is not your friend he will definitely try to misguide you. He may come out with an easy solution but the end result may not be favourable to you. So always take a correct route but not an easy route.

    always confident

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