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    Where should old people go?

    Just now I was reading a news where a person has complained that his 95-year-old mother has been held captive by her wife and his in-laws. She is bedridden for a long time. He has some dispute with her wife so doesn't live with her wife and whenever comes to see his mother he is not allowed to see her.

    He took the help of DCW (Delhi commission for women) and they rescued her mother. They were shocked to see this old lady. She was lying on the bed and was covered with a thin cloth and was allowed to relieve in a bucket which is kept in a corner of tge room.

    She is rescued and is admitted to the hospital where her son is taking care of her.

    Doesn't it seem strange? Why this person took help of tge police before and let her mother tolerate tge torture for so long? This case seems to be investigated further. It's very painful that the couple is fighting and making this old lady as a weapon.

    This is really serious. How can we save such old people from their young generation?.
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    The first thing we have to understand is why his wife and in-laws have taken his mother away from his son? Is she having any property? Are they interested in grabbing the same by forcefully getting the signature of this old lady on the papers? Otherwise what purpose it will serve them?
    It is good that the old lady was taken out of their clutches by her son and now she is getting the required treatment. I hope the son will really take care of his mother.
    Really these days some of the old people are suffering from this type of difficulties. I feel the children should take care of their parents during their old age properly. They should keep in mind that we will also pass through that stage in our life and we may be also treated in a similar way by our children. Once we get that thought we will definitely see that our parents will be comfortable.

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    In joint family system old people were living with their children and it was a natural tradition. Unfortunately with the advent of modern age and changes in our social structure the children have started shirking from the responsibilities of keeping their parents with them. This is now emerging as a big problem in society and it is very common that parents are living separately from their children may be within the same town or city.

    In old age, one becomes dependent because of ailing health and deteriorating mental conditions. At such times if children do not shelter and support their parents then it is a big disappointment and shock for the seniors.

    We do not have good old age home also and even if there are a few, everyone can not afford them. Those old people who are rich and have properties sometimes survive depending upon the servants and helpers but that is also not very safe and secure way of living as the servants can take advantage of their age and cheat them.

    There is no substitute in this world for affectionate and loving children who happily keep their old parents with them.

    So if children disown their parents then their life is miserable and I do not see any solution at the present juncture to this gigantic problem.

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    Though such cases are rare but it does not mean that such inhuman incident are not occurring. The earlier trend of depicting love to our parents are diminishing gradually and the olds are being neglected since these old people have nothing to offer in the shape of cash or kind.
    The aged mother was captivated with the ulterior motive of gaining something by the daughter - in - law, may be some costly ornaments or the registration of land in her favour though the same has not been indicated. There are some following such attitudes in order to grab the possession of the old ones. They have nothing to do with the frail health of the parents or they are bed - ridden due to prolonged sickness.
    The son turned up for the rescue of his mother. May be he would take up adequate care of his mother in this hour of her frail health.

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    This really saddens and makes me wonder, what can I do for my parents. I am sure, it is difficult to have the same love towards someone else parents, and life partner tends to have disputes. But, even when I am working, my focus is to build a room for Parents, have a nice chair for them, and allowing them the freedom to do whatever they want.
    I also like the concept of Old Age Housing here, senior citizens are taken care of by the Government. When we are young, the major tax goes to the Government and this, in turn, is an insurance for your care in your old age. There are dedicated nurses, rooms, other facilities for them. Children are allowed to see their Parents if Parents say yes.

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    It's very disappointing to know the kind of torture meted out to an elderly person, but this is going on in different parts of the country according to the reports. The reason of this torture may be revealed only after a thorough investigation, but one thing is clear and that is many humans are losing their humane nature.

    We hear about family disputes and infighting among family members, even the disputes turn fatal where some family member get killed by another relative. This is always disturbing. It is very difficult to find out why humans indulge in inhuman behaviour. Everybody will turn old one day and they must keep this in mind before torturing any old member in the family.

    If the old person has enough money and capable of making own decisions, then going to Old Age Homes may be a better option rather than being in the mercy of these type of indifferent family members. The government should start schemes for aged people so that they can maintain a decent life. Few NGOs are coming up to deal with these issues and much more needed to be done for the old persons whose family members do not take proper care. We may help them by keeping the contact details of NGOs dealing with these issues and inform the NGOs if we come across aged people who do not receive any care from their family members.


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    Today the old generation is facing this problem and tomorrow we will be sailing in the same boat.

    There is only one solution for this problem and that is children have to accept them as a part of their life and never think to disown them.

    Other solutions have no merit. They are all plagued up with some problem which is difficult to handle by the old people.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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