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    The satisfaction of 'You too can do it yourself'

    In every household there are many items or gadgets which go bad and we are generally in search of some mechanic or technical hand to get them repaired.

    Some people try to repair some of these things their selves only to find that either it is difficult or requires some replacement of part which is not available or is beyond their capabilities. They just keep aside it in despair.

    Now a days a lot of information, tips and tricks are strewn across the internet where these things are explained in simple manner and one can learn them quickly. Some people have interest in these things and these learnings help them to do these petty jobs in the house itself. By this they derive a satisfaction of 'You can too do it yourself'.

    Have you ever experienced this?
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    Instead of getting food daily from the hotel it is always better to cook even though we are alone. With this concept on my own, I started cooking food in my room during my studies.
    Instead of purchasing firecrackers from the market, if we can make it in our house by taking all the precautions the expenditure will be less. With this concept in my mind, I started making some firecrackers in my house during my studies. But those days no internet. But the inputs from my parents helped in completing these two tasks successfully. I have become a good cook and I have also become good at making some firecrackers.
    Similarly, I learned some small repairs in the house like changing the valves, fixing the fans and tube lights etc. But I never go for complicated works even though the information is available on the internet as diagnosing the actual problem will be difficult.

    always confident

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    There are a number of jobs to be carried out in house - hold such Painting of the doors or Almirah, taking up cleaning of clothes in washing machine and later ironing the clothes. A little effort from our end can save a lot if computation is done for a month.
    Doing the job with our hands can give internal satisfaction of accomplishing the task.
    Cooking needs some skill and this can be achieved through regular practice and engagement in cooking meal will offer you the satisfaction apart from keeping our health in perfect condition. Attending hotels for meals on regular basis may upset stomach and not only this, the expenses would be alarmingly huge.

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    There are so many small jobs in the house that one can always try to attend to them. Some people have a nack for technical work and petty repairs while many others are impatient and leave the try in between.

    It is good to carry out small things by oneself as it gives not only satisfaction but many times we do not get a hand to do such small jobs.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, there comes a feeling sometimes in us. One such example is when my kids were not doing well in maths exams even though they were taking tuition I thought I will teach them so I did and within a span of just two months they did well in their exam and score well.

    I remember during childhood we used to paint our windows and doors ourself during Diwali and it uses to give us so much pleasure that time, still these days my wife does that.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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