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    Is it possible to limit our choices?

    We all have ideologies. It may be defined as a collection of ideas and beliefs that one posses to carry out certain works. When these collection of beliefs match with any other person or group we develop an affinity towards them. When our own ideologies do not match with others, a few people develop the tendency to dislike them. We see it everywhere, from the workplace to politics.

    Basically, if we try to give it a good thought, we will find that most of us are very choosy. All our actions are dictated by those choices. We develop this tendency of choosing since childhood and it continues throughout the life. Have you ever noticed that the choosier you are, the more problem you may face in life? It's like choosing your favourite outfit from a sea of outfits of different design and varieties lined up in a store. You may become easily confused if you have varied choices. You may like the colour of one outfit, but you find the design not upto the mark and vice-versa.

    Look into our everyday life and see how much time is spent on things just for having too many choices. Thinking life in a simple way may improve a lot of things.
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    In my case I was never been choosy or like that. I have always learned to compromise with the things that's the reason I never felt jealous or envy of anyone.

    Yes it happens with the people and that's the main reason of disliking people. There are many reasons for people being so choosy like they have their own concepts and they don't like ideas or perceptions of other people. They are very stubborn sort of people and their conscious doesn't allow to accept people who are of different nature. And the common reason being they are very knowledgeable. Suppose I have gone to the market to buy a product then I will buy the product which a shopkeeper or anyone will praise where if I have a knowledge about that particular product I will pose some trouble to the shopkeeper as I will compare all the products that he will show, with what I exactly want.

    That's where the problem lies I will try to avoid people whose nature doesn't match with me.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
    – Mark Twain

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    I agree with the author. The more the options, the more the confusion. I myself before I go to a shop I will decide what is my requirement. I will tell the same to the shop keeper and see the various items he has shown and select from that. Generally, my selection will be over maximum by fifteen minutes. But when I go with my family will take a lot of time to get their clothes selected. They will be more choosy.
    In the same I talk to people normally. I have no enemies or I have no close friends. I will be talking to everyone normally. But my personal things will never be discussed with anyone except my wife. I am very restrictive in that aspect. So I think the time I am spending is not very high. I will not be very particular about the choice. I always go for the item which I like.

    always confident

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    In earlier days options were limited due to unavailability of multiple things as well as not able to afford them. Today every thing in every type is available and options are unlimited for those who are choosy.

    Still, I have seen people who are going for simple and down to earth option and ignoring the hi end ones. This of course requires guts and confidence to do so as society criticises such people that they do not want to spend money and are meagrely.

    If one is firm in his perceptions and values, he need not to bother and confuse with options because he has already decided in his mind what he wants to choose out of the so many options. He does not worry for the worldly show offs and false prestige.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Everyone has certain likings and disliking. Moreover choices are based on personal perceptions. So if options are there one can choose the one which is best suited for ones temparament and liking.

    Options give us a chance to choose the best. Confusion will only set up when we are not sure what we want.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, being choosy is a difficult matter. I would say that it is tricky to adjust with people who are very choosy. It is not only about buying an outfit or the various choices we make while purchasing a property, finalising a travel destination, finding a spouse and much more. Even it create a hue and cry while attending patients and adjusting with the in-laws.

    The patients who are full of choices regarding their diet make the attendant's life miserable. It is the same with the in-laws who do not wish to adjust with a new member of the family so constantly pose a problem.

    I prefer not to be choosy. A little bit of choice making is fine but, an unlimited choice is always a difficult subject.


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