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    Why Telangana CM KCR is worried so much about AP CM Chandrababu.

    Telangana elections are fast approaching. The Congress party is making a friendly alliance with TDP, Communist Party and Telangana Jana Samiti. When the elections were announced KCR was very confident about his victory. He is in friendship with MIM. BJP wants to go alone. From the day on which the friendship between Congress and TDP was announced, KCR started worrying. So he started abusing TDP leaders and Naidu for making friendship with Congress. He was using very bad language. His fear is very visible in his actions and talks. He may be getting doubts about his victory. How he had forgotten his friendship with Congress before getting the separate Statehood.
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    All these things are part of politics. Everybody is worried about their own victory and want to keep their number of seats intact if not getting a few more. There are so many equations during every election and friends turn into foes.

    TDP was in the NDA fold and left the alliance some time ago. The alliance between the Congress and TDP is there in Telengana and they are going to fight the parliamentary elections together. Though KCR was a prominent face to demand for a separate statehood but the state was formed after separating it from Andhra Pradesh, whose CM is Mr. Naidu. The CWC played the lead role to grant Telengana a separate statehood and since now they are in alliance with the CM of the Mother state, it is worrying KCR.


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