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    Does wisdom come with age?

    Many young people are very knowledgeable and intelligent but lack wisdom and sometimes commit grave mistakes. They do not realize it at that point of time.

    Later when they are matured and grow old, they understand where they did wrong or committed mistake. But the event is already over and since then a lot of water has flown below the bridge.

    They become wiser by now and attain wisdom.

    Do you believe that wisdom comes with age?
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    It depends on many things. Generally, we see older people act from their wisdom but the same thing can be practiced by young people too. Wisdom is not only intelligence or knowledge, but a mix of both these with experience, compassion and tolerance. People gather all these things with age and that's why it's a common perception to associate wisdom with old age.

    Life is full of experience and knowledge and the more one can apply the knowledge in different situations, the more experience one gathers. Realization of everything that we perceive is very important and the more you realize, the better. Many people realize things much later in life because they do not pay enough attention to things at the beginning. Whatever we are doing, we must follow the process or know the process before doing the job. If we do not follow that process, there is every chance of making it a mess.

    Wisdom comes with paying attention to things, paying attention during success and paying attention to know the reasons of failure. So, the more attentive you are about the details, the more chances are there to use the experience in some other places.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Actually, the youngsters are bit immature and take impulsive decisions whereas older people use their experience to tackle the situation as they have faced such situations in the past. But that doesn't mean that all old people are wise.
    There are a lot of wise old people and dump old people too.

    There are old people too who don't learn from their experiences. Most of the old people are afraid of the change and have some sort of fear of losing things. Whereas life requires change and you have to accept it and deal with it well. Wisdom comes how well we deal with the change in our life without fearing of the things happening in our life.

    Therefore it's not that with the age wisdom comes but I would say there are chances for it with the age.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    As we grow old we get a good experience. We will face many happy situations and worst situations. Sometimes we will have joyful moments. Sometimes we will have sorrowful moments. All this will make us more mature as we attain age. So aged people will have a little more maturity. That will give them more wisdom.
    Wisdom is nothing but concentrating more and understanding the issue properly. Once you do that the solution will come automatically. The experience we gain will be helpful to us in solving the problems in a better way.
    Young people will have a habit of taking things a little easy. Sometimes they will take the decisions without even completely understanding the issue. That is where they may not be using their wisdom properly. If they concentrate for a while they will be able to take much better decisions than the elder people as their exposure to the society is very high when compared to thst of elder persons.

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    Wisdom is a matter of understanding in acknowledging it in right ways & not depending upon the age factors. We often have evident of the lives which just passed on to death without major contributions to the society or to the nation as a whole. On its contrary, we also have evident of small children who found to be very useful to the society with others completely in the state of acknowledging it. One of the instance could be of "Adi Guru Shri Shankaracharya" who mastered the study of Vedas & died on moderate age but still got remembered today with many getting inspirations from his life. Just oppose to it we can be evident of the politicians of today's world & we know the reason in what context.

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    We can not generalise but to some extent it appears true that wisdom comes with age.

    Young people are habitual of taking hasty decisions in their excitement only to repent later. This is a common thing and the old people have also gone through those phases of errors and mistakes done in their life.

    Wisdom comes with experience, maturity and positive thinking and it so happens that by that time a person becomes old. So wisdom and age, they meet there.

    Knowledge is power.

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