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    Is the alliance between Congress and TDP going to help TDP in AP elections?

    Recently the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Naidu is trying to bring all opposition parties including Congress on to one platform to fight against BJP. I am not interested in discussing the chances of winning this alliance in the parliament elections.
    Till two days before Babu was criticising the Congress for making state bifurcation by doing injustice to AP people. AP people are very much against Congress for this act. Of course, they are against BJP also now for not giving special status to AP as promised by the PM Modi during the election campaign.
    Now Babu is going with Congress. Do you think this will make AP people unhappy and they may go against TDP also for this action? Already Jagan and Pavan are trying their best to win the coming elections. So the step taken by Babu is beneficial to him or not is a thousand dollars questions. What are the views of the members on this issue?
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    TDP may incur the wrath of the electorate. The actions of Mr. Naidu is always unpredictable and he can resort to any means to stay in power. His activities are not knew to people and this time people will vote some other parties too to stop the unethical practice of Mr. Naidu.

    Actually he is not alone and most of the politicians in our country are doing the same thing. The Congress and the BJP are two national parties and both are contenders to rule the country. TDP is a regional party and like all regional parties they also form coalition with national parties to bargain for their own state. Mr. Naidu desperately needs the special status for AP like all other people in the state and since BJP has failed to keep the promise, he is thinking that an alliance with the Congress will be the best bargain. Though election results will only tell the outcome, but the alliance with Congress will not go down well among the voters of the state.


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    There is no option for Naidu as he has to be in one group either NDA or UPA. If Naidu unites the Southern regional Parties to share a common platform that will give more fruitful result rather than this...
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    No doubt that the alliances with the local parties in the different states including AP are posing a serious threat to the BJP which has been devoid of good regional alliances in many of the states. However the BJP leadership must have this observation & in accordance to it this might have already begun their search as we have evident in the Bihar wherein we find the better understanding with the Nitish Kumar. Considering this whole picture the TDP is going to have more favors in terms of winning the governmental roles but we have evident of many unexpected events in the past & who knows that this time too we got something expected & yet to arrive.

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    The alliance between the TDP and Congress is for Telangana only. They want to contain the TRS and are likely to be successful in reducing its majority. As for Andhra Pradesh, there may not be any alliance between these two parties. The main contenders for TDP are YSRCP and Jana Sena. Jana Sena is almost a non-starter. The TDP is likely to win the Andhra Pradesh assembly election and a major chunk of Parliament seats.
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    Chandrababu Naidu is an intelligent politician and he is a much better administrator than most of the southern Chief Ministers. I think he is now measuring the waters before the Lok Sabha election. His present alliance with Congress is only for Telengana and it is very much temporary in nature.
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