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    Are human relations suffering a lot these days.

    These days in our lives money is playing a very important role and all other issues are coming after that only. Some people are going to the extent of murders also to get property or jewellery even from relatives. Yesterday I heard a very bad news. It happened in our distant relative's family. Two sons of the father killed their father by kicking him on his heart. The 70-year-old gentleman died on the spot. They immediately cremated the body to eliminate the chances of getting caught by police.
    Today I saw a news item in the Newspaper a similar incident near Hyderabad. The son killed his father by hitting him on the head with an Iron rod. The old man died on the spot.
    When we hear or see such incidents we will be feeling that human relations are suffering a lot. Even people are not caring for parents also when it comes to the money aspect. A very unwanted situation.
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    A thought provoking thread by the author. The world is becoming more and more materialistic day by day and human sentiments and attachments are moving to backseats.

    This is definitely a threatening thing happening in our life and the entire humanity will suffer one day due to this shift in our relations with others.

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    That's the true value of relationships has reduced because of money. These days people do anything for money they even kill their kiths and kin. This is very sad now even the blood relation matters nothing for the people.

    Every day we read such news where people kill their father or mother for the lust of money. Recently I read a 95-year-old woman was held captive by daughter in law in Delhi. She didn't allow her husband (old lady's son) to meet her.


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    Yes, from the horrific incidents of family disputes and subsequent killings we can say the relations are suffering. These types of reports are published almost on a regular basis in news and they are very disturbing. It seems, money has become the only important thing in life and the rest can be purchased if somebody has enough money.

    The upbringings of the child plays a great role to shape the characteristic and parents must be careful while dealing with their children. There is a tendency among many parents to equate everything with money which the child takes in a different perspective. Parents force the child to excel in studies without paying attention to other activities with the sole intention of scoring good marks and securing a well-paid job.

    Now, in this case it is very natural for the child to realize later in life that the parents have done so much for her/him only to earn a handsome money. It's true that all these news are disturbing, but we must look into the aspects of the upbringings of the child also to analyze the situation in a proper way.


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    The relationship now comes down to the fact that people interact with each other only when it is beneficial to them, there is no question of any moral and spiritual relations.

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