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    What is the adsense advantage for providing information updates?

    In schools and colleges section, I see many posts with only name and address, but not with detailed description. I have added posts to this section and also given updates to others' posts. For both, I had received the cc. For the new entry of school, I get ads sense benefit. But I doubt, whether the update provider receive any advantage from google ad sense, or that revenue sharing is only for the Post creator?

    Here when I mean update, I mean the detailed description, and not just adding one or two points/ correcting the error.
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    As far as I am aware, the member who provides detailed descriptive content as an update does get a share in the AdSense earnings which are generated from the school/college/My India page. The detailed content is displayed to show on the main page and hence the share comes to the member who submitted the update as well, and not just the member who posted the institute.

    I will confirm this from the Webmasters whether or not this revenue sharing program still exists.

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    Thank you Mam.
    Sri Vetri
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    AdSense share from a College or School page will come only to the member who posted about it. There is no AdSense sharing for Information updates.

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    In that case, is it okay to create the new post for the same school/college with full information and delete the older post?

    For example: This is the college with incomplete information.

    This is the information, I need to update.

    Can I go ahead in creating the new post for this college and notify both the links and request the editors to delete the older post?

    Sri Vetri
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    No, Srimathi, you cannot submit a new post as the earlier post will already be a long-established one, fetching traffic to its page. There are plenty of such old posts submitted during the early years of ISC when the site was a fledgeling one and only basic information about the address and contact details would have been given. We cannot allow members to submit duplicate posts and simply remove tons of old posts. So please submit an update only and not a new post of the institute.

    By the way, we give very good cc for quality descriptive content.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I understand mam. Thank you Ankit Sir and Vandana Mam for the clarifications.
    Sri Vetri
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