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    Must Anti - Incumbency be given so much importance as it is given in present politics?

    Indian elections have long seen the trend of ruling and opposition coalition changing power every election in some states. A political executive getting voted for his welfare measures, development agenda, Popularity among people and based on expectations are all needed for a vibrant democracy. But is voting out a Government without any valid reason but just because they have been in power or voting the opposition to power just to give them a chance good for democracy. It may be responsible for policy instability and several welfare measures get affected. This also affect financially as funds allocated for a scheme gets diverted in its half way leading to waste on its investment. Of course power for a longer term corrupts as in words of Aristote himself. But voting must be for how a Government has functioned and how effectively opposition has criticized and corrected Government.
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    It is true. The voting should be on the basis of the performance of present government and opposition party in their particular roles. But how many voters in our country know the real value of their vote? They think this is a festival that comes once in five years. Really it is a festival for them as all big leaders will come and talk to them. They will give gifts and other incentives to them. This is the concept many people have. This situation is exploited by the leaders. Especially in villages, there will be a leader on a caste basis and the leader will decide to whom they should vote. Here there are no other aspects involved. How is the individual? What is his attitude and whether really he worth the post? No one will think about these issues. To which caste the candidate belongs is the only question. There is no anti - Incumbency or other things here.
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    People should vote keeping in mind the governance, but unfortunately because of vote-bank politics the results may turn out to be different. Politicians of different parties are announcing freebies and there are reports in media about doling out cash to voters just before the elections. This tendency is prominent in rural areas and other factors also come in to elect the candidates.

    Normally, people choose the developmental agenda of the political parties and that has to be the way in a democracy. Generally, effective social schemes are not discarded with a change in regime though it may face some problems related to fund allocation. While anti-incumbency is a factor in every election, there are other reasons too determining the selection of a representative. The present political system is quite unpredictable, so the voters will always find it difficult to choose the right candidates.


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