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    What can be done to improve Corporate involvement in elementary education?

    The Tamil Nadu Government is open to donations from the private sector, the giant Corporate houses in particular, to improve standards of education in Government elementary and high schools. It has even held some discussions in this regard.

    Some action has been taken. The Corporate houses have begun by donating old but usable computers in some cases. In some rare cases, going by press reports, one learns that Corporate houses are keen on constructing usable rest rooms,where there are none now.

    This should actually become a pan-India exercise, particularly where the elementary enrollment is still a matter of big concern. We should learn from successful experiences.

    Members may please highlight such successful experiences. On my part, I have initiated some action and some computers have now been donated to a couple of schools. What are the various types of such Corporate involvement already on? How do we go about this task?
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    In and around Hyderabad some private organisations started helping the schools in the villages in many ways. Donating furniture to the school, donating uniforms to the children, donating books to the students, giving scholarships to the merit students and conducting medical check-up to the school students are some the initiatives that are being carried out by many organisations. Donating computers which are being discarded by the organisation to schools and arranging wifi in the school also was done by my earlier organisation where I was the in charge of the factory.
    It is good if all the organisation take up these activities under CSR scheme. It will help many village students to get acquainted with the technological developments that are being taken place. This will help the students to build up their confidence and make them compete with the city children.

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    A good thought and proposed action by the author. The corporates are earmarking some funds for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments. Some of them have substantial funds under this head.

    If we approach the corporates and convince them, they will divert some funds to betterment of the schools also.

    It is already happening at places and CSR is helping the society in many ways.

    Knowledge is power.

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