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    Religious exploitation: how do we stop this madness?

    Am told this practice is there in some parts of AP. It is there in Tamil Nadu, in so many places. One is left wondering as to how to stop these atrocities.

    It is simple. When God can be simply worshiped in some temple in a very peaceful way ( there are hundreds of thousands of such temples, anyway in Tamil Nadu), some cunning women con common people by appearing to predict their present state of family affairs and also what will happen to them in the near future and so on. They would claim that the "Goddess" is very active in them. The gullible men and women then start believing that the woman is an incarnation of God, that is the God or Goddess in the local area. This commercial activity goes on under the nose of the police and more rational individuals who give a damn to this practice, but do nothing more.

    The con women normally go home with several hundreds of thousands of rupees. They have assistants who would keep doing all that is necessary to keep the game going.

    How do we stop these atrocities? What is the legal provision in this regard?
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    As long as the superstitions in people exist this exploitation will be there. I have also seen many such people who visit people in villages of Andhra Pradesh. They go to these people with a wrong belief that they will remove all their problems. Even in this modern age, this type of situation is unbelievable.
    Sometimes some people may get a positive result. That will make other people also believe the person. They never take the cases which were gone on the other way. A realisation should come in the mindset of the people. Then only these type of beliefs will come down. These women will have agents who will work for commission and advertise saying that they got benefitted by these type of ladies. This will make other people believe the con lady. Actually, these ladies are psychologically affected people and their family members should take them to the doctors and get them cured. But people will never do that.

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    Religion is a deep rooted belief in most of the societies in the world. People may call it a mad and irrational faith but the unfortunate part is that it exists in it's full vigour.

    Another interesting thing is that exploiters and conmen or conwomen also exist since the dawn of civilization and have been making fool of the gullible believers.

    For these cunning persons it is simply a profession to earn not only money but also respect in the eyes of devotees.

    So this business is going to thrive till faithful believers are there. The provisions in law also of no help till the devotee lodges a complaint and proves the cheating in a court of law.

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    The madness can be stopped only if the exploited persons lodge a complaint to the law enforcement agencies regarding the issues. These type of people are there everywhere and ready to exploit people who have blind faith on their activities.

    Those who are affected by these cheaters become cautious and do not easily fall prey to these activities, but those who are not affected and found some results try to influence others to take the help of these cheaters. Now why people believe in them or what are the logic behind their magical activities are different issues, but as long as the exploiters are not brought to book this will continue.


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    Yes, it's prevailing all over India. And this is because of the superstition in the mind of people. Education is what can reduce it but can't eliminate it fully. I have seen such activity occurs more in the rural area where people easily believe in them.

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    This is everywhere on this whole planet & moreover in the inter-religion faith, the Christian missionaries can be seen doing this to the faith of other religions. We also can be listed of few of the fake babas who are jailed recently but their business continue to grow. Only individuals who are weak from within are more prone to get attracted to such nonsense rituals but the best way to keep away from these is to use intellect & be more logical to the approaches. But somehow this often doesn't work or not that efficient because even the educated can be seen praying to them.

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    Religion is a sensitive issue and that is a point where fights and clashes can emerge at an instant but at the same time the cunning people are taking advantage of this deep faith and belief of the people in religion and are cheating them on one pretext or other.

    The simple God fearing people are the victims of these conmen.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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