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    Do you think the various conventions by the State Govts. really contribute for Industrial growth?

    During the past three years, we have seen various state governments conducting various conventions involving industrialists and Software companies from India and abroad. During the process, we did understand from the media that they have signed MOUs with the agencies/firms which would generate employment and good infrastructure in the region. For instance, a state Government proclaimed that it has got 200 MOUs during their last year convention. If they are materialised, sure it would contribute for the industrial development of the region and economic growth of the respective states.

    Is it really working? How many of them have seen the light of the day and are really in place? Is it a political gimmick by the parties to increase their vote share? Some people say it is the advertisement tactic duly supported by the media. What is your take on this?
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    As a resident of West Bengal I have seen how our CM is organizing different conventions and going to different places to invite industrialists to invest in this state. But till now, there is not much progress. From different media we get to know about the initiatives and signing of MOUs by the different state governments, but in actual very few projects see the light of the day.

    Though the conventions and signing of MOUs are just the beginning to plan for a project, it is not legally binding. The MOU is between two parties, one is the government and the other is the company that wishes to invest in the project. What I have seen from different reports is the feasibility study of many projects are not done properly and that's why many cannot be implemented.

    All the media highlight the convention or signing of MOUs, but after sometime when the excitement die down nobody checks what is the present status of those projects. During assembly sessions, the opposition parties at times highlight those issues and the government replies with different statistics to show how effective they are.

    In reality the industrial situation in this state has not improved at all.


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    It is true that many State governments are conduction conventions and inviting many industrialists and entrepreneurs from our country and from other countries also. Many delegations from many stated including the Chief Minister are going to various countries and participating in meetings and making presentations about the policies and the incentives available in their state and inviting people two come and invest in their state. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Naidu very well known for this. Mr K.T. Rama Rao is following his way in Telangana as the CM is not in a position to travel that much.
    If, at least. 10% of the MOUs made in these conventions get materialised, it will be very good for the state. Many MOUs will be made just for the sake of showing. Even after 10 years also the MOU will be on paper only and there will not be any progress. For the sake of getting land at a cheaper rate, some people will go for these MOus.
    The actual situation of implementation will be known only after 4 or 5 years of MOU signing and land allotment.

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    It is true that many state Govt are organising such conventions time to time and MOUs are also signed with the parties but most of these understandings do not see the light of the day.

    The main reason is that CM is also bound with certain rules, regulations and procedures and things done against that, even if done in good spirit, will attract the wrath of opposition parties and attention of the investigating authorities.

    So simply announcing some measures over the MOU table will not help until unless it is backed by our legal and constitutional framework of project conception and execution.

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