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    Why blame only the politicians? There are so many like them around us

    We come across different people in our daily lives. They are of different types. Everyone is unique and having different basic characters. There are many complains about them too. Many people give different attributes about others. We hear them saying this person is very bad, that person is irresponsible, another one is non-cooperative and the complain goes on. The most prominent attribute that many people give to others is of opportunism. They say many of them are just opportunists and will be in touch only when required.

    I find there is a stark similarity between these people and the politicians as they are having the same characteristics. Politicians are also there to woo us during votes and rest of the time forget us. Ask any person about the opportunistic nature of people and you will find them saying they have met many like them. If this is the case then why we blame politicians only? These type of people are everywhere in the society.
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    Yes, such people prevail in society everywhere. This is harsh that even knowing that such people are an opportunist and are just taking advantage of us still we can't do anything.

    I daily meet such people in my office where everyone is after pleasing boss and don't work but spend the whole day in flattering. They even don't bother to pull down their colleagues and subordinates to an extent to please the boss and don't miss any opportunity.

    We blame only politicians only because they are more opportunistic than such people as they loot money of ours by making us fool.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
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    The author has rightly pointed out the black sheep among us who resemble in their actions very much to some of the politicians. These people will be everywhere, in our houses, in neighbourhood, in society, in workplace etc. In any sphere of our life we will encounter with gentle and good people and at the same time will get bad experiences also.

    They will be so clever and smart that they will do a lot of harm to others by their mean tactics and cheap politics. They will do all efforts to ruin the reputation of the person just to get acknowledgement in a social group.

    Most of these people are failure on the academic and creative sides and they transform their selves in becoming such mean personalities. Due to their cunning and smart ways they acquire wealth also even if it is coming through illegal and dishonest means.

    We must be cautious and careful with such people and avoid interacting them unnecessarily until unless it is really essential to do that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The difference is, none of these common people, defines rules or have a direct impact on your day to day life. None of these common men is in the Parliament debating over the policies, which are directly impacting your life. None of them, have the authenticity to ban currency, regulate Petrol and Diesel prices. No doubt we are all cunning somewhere, and sometimes it is justified, but we never made a promise to common people that we will change the scene of the country and forget to do so. We voted them as we trusted them, and now when they play religion, casteism, reservation card, it is wrong. The common person who lies does not go out to meet the big Leaders of the World. So that Political person who is now country's leader, or his party, represent our country and it is important their actions should be judged, if they are as per the image of the Nation in the whole world.
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    The perception between the politicians & the persons having full of negativism or of pessimistic approaches are completely different. Both have different roles to play in their respective fields but such negativism or of pessimistic individuals are major factors in keeping the society on its back foot & in this way to restrict anything good being happening around us. We must always be beware of them with the intentions of contributing some productive actions in order to assist the upcoming generations.

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    Yes. There are many people who can be called as opportunists. They will never leave any single chance to get the advantage from the happening. But these people wait for the opportunity and try to use that opportunity in their favour. But they may not be able to change rules to get an opportunity. But politicians will have a lot of power. So they can change the rules. They can make new rules. These will be in such a way that they will get the benefit out of it. They will never hesitate to loot the public money somehow or other. They will overrule many rules to get benefitted. The extent of benefits the politicians getting by this opportunism is no way comparable to the other people.
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    Very true. The world is full of such people and many are present in the society where we move. They are all very clever and opportunists just seeing their vested interests and nothing more.

    How can we survive among them?

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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