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    Poverty of goods is easily cured; poverty of the mind is irreparable

    I was just reading a book and found this quotation from "Michel de Montaigne, French philosopher" and was really impressed by the quote.

    What a deep meaning it has.

    There is all sort of people in society. Some people even though don't have enough to donate but don't give up. They know they can avail all the necessities of life which they may not be having at present and there are people in the world too who have all the luxuries but they misuse it and have an ego that they own it.

    We can't buy a mind but we can make money and buy things by applying the mind. It's easy to say but difficult to implement.

    How do you correlate this quote with life?.
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    It's true. It's very difficult to cure the mind. When people have a greed for materials, it is difficult to make them happy. It's better to say that they never become happy. We all have specific needs and we have to analyze the needs to meet them. The problem with many people is the need has turned into greed and things became unmanageable for them. They need more and go to any level to satisfy their greed.

    On the other hand, people who can analyze their need will act accordingly and will never behave like a greedy person. This tactics can be implemented by practicing to analyze things. Analyzing means paying attention to things to realize them. Talk to the mind more, find out the reason of doing something. Think how can life become more meaningful not only to yourself, but to the society. By following these things we may implement it.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Greed and attachment are the two traits in humans which are responsible for making a person non-sharing and uncaring. He is suffering from poverty of mind. He will never be able to help anyone however needy or destitute. His aim is only to build wealth for him and it is the only pleasure he knows.

    These people are not known also as they have never done an act of welfare or charity. Their enormous wealth has not benefitted any poor or helpless person.

    They are self-centred and only bothered for their selfish interests. One day in pursuit of more and more wealth they die and leave everything here. They are gone in the oblivion and not remembered by the society or public as they have not done anything good to anyone during their life time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The mind is the controlling factor in a human being's body. It will control all the actions of the body. The body will carry out all the commands given by the mind. So if one is having good feelings he will do good or otherwise. It is very difficult to cure and change the mindset. The physical alignment can be cured. There will be medicines. But we can't cure the thoughts in the mind. There is no medicine for the same.
    I know a man who never eats without donating food to at least one person every day. They were two in the family and the lady is cooking daily for three people. His father gave him good property. He was conducting a food donation programme at least once a month. Almost 200 people were eating on that day. He was having Ayurvedic medicines factory. He was donating these medicines to the poor. He constructed a temple. His name is there in that village even today. He died long back. He gave very good wealth to his son. But his son never donates a single rupee to anybody. All the people in that village criticise him always.

    always confident

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    I must say it's a meaningful quotation. It is so true and generally speaking, it applies to all. People have full of desires and are never satisfied with what they have got, which is a sure sign of lack of thinking power.
    By saying so, I must admit that everyone does not lack mind. A section of people knows where to draw a line to curb their urge which is appreciable but, there is another section which has no control over their need. It means there is poverty of mind.
    Human beings are social animals, so we have a collective responsibility towards other humans. A person must not ignore others to fulfil personal wishes. One who does so is incurable because the mind is not in use.
    A desire is controllable when a person is logical. There are people who do not even have the basic things in life but, one can try to get it by hard work or remain desireless. Thus, poverty of goods has a cure while the poverty of mind is incurable.


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    I agree that the physical needs of a person can be fully replenished, but if a person is stupid and does not want to develop, this will not change

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