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    Is being emotional is a positive or a negative trait?

    Often we come across people who are too emotional. Emotional when it comes to family, friends, public image, their likes and dislikes, political party etc. No doubt we all have emotions and are fully capable to even control the same as per situations. But sometimes things are overwhelming and we just cannot take it and show the face or expression advocating the feeling.

    I remember when I was in the final rounds of an interview, I was asked about my weakness, and I said, "I am too emotional". The interviewer, however, replied back to me, that its a positive trait in fact.
    Is it good to be emotional in every aspect?
    How does one decide if this a positive trait or a negative trait?
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    There are always two sides to a coin, and the same is true for the 'emotional' tag that we carry. Like everything else in life, being too emotional can have its positives and negatives.

    I see it as a negative trait because it leaves one vulnerable.

    It is easy to manipulate emotional people. They are like clay in the hands of calculating people with vested interests. Scheming people can create an environment where they control your strings. They know when to push the right buttons to make you react. Emotional people can easily become victims of their weakness. They can become emotionally charged and take hasty decisions, which are not particularly in their interest.

    Emotional people are led by their heart. And that's where the problem lies. You need to analyze situations practically rather than emotionally.

    Such people are also very predictable. Someone who knows you well will know your reactions before you can react. You should always be a mystery and keep people guessing.

    Being emotional about family and friends is a common trait. But life has taught me to be practical, especially when it comes to people close to us. Knowingly or unknowingly, it is they who take the most advantage of us.

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    Being getting emotional is a positive sign in the personal life but a weakness in the professional front but still too much of anything will become too bad & therefore we have to learn to use this suitably which is as per the circumstances we may face from time to time.

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    Being emotional will have more negative effects than positive effects on the individual. Like any other trait, this is also having both the sides. The man with emotions will have the risk of taking some hasty and risky decisions. In this process, they may be getting affected more sometimes. If a person is more emotional he will talk openly without thinking about the pros and cons of the decision. Sometimes the effect will be very severe. His subordinates also may not appreciate him. An emotional person will always be in the bad books of the boss as the person will be very emotional and he may be openly going against the business decisions taken by the boss.
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    Being excessive emotional is sometimes a disadvantage for a person but being an emotional person is okay as that's how you express yourself.

    As emotions make us different from animals so we should possess them but we should make a balance in life as there are people who can play with our emotions so we should not let it express in front of everyone. Better is we should have the ability to control emotions at times. I have seen a few over emotional people who get intimate with the people whom they may not have known for so long and tell them their secrets and repent afterwards as for why they trusted that person.

    Therefore we should always be careful in life and don't let our emotions expressed in front of the people whom we think are not trustworthy.


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    We all are emotional to some extent, but we must know how to control the emotion. Anything in excess will spoil the show. Being too emotional is not good. People who are too emotional are always vulnerable because they act out of emotion without analyzing the situation properly.

    Being emotional will affect the presence of mind which is always necessary to carry out any task. Emotion plays a great role to become empathetic, but that should not affect our decision making process. So, it can be said that being emotional has some positive effects but being too emotional affects us in a negative way.


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    I believe that each and everything has a positive as well as a negative impact. The same is true for being an emotional person. To me, nurturing emotion is a very good quality and, is also a useful tool for others.
    An emotionless person is like a machine which is a very irritating quality. On the other hand when someone wears emotion on sleeves then again it becomes pathetic. A person should act logically to avoid the misuse of emotion.
    The moment one learns the art of keeping emotions under control then, nobody can take advantage of it. Emotion is always good when something positive takes place but, when injustice is meted out due to being an emotional person then, it is a demerit.
    Emotion can either make or break a person, so proper use of it is the only appropriate option. It is good to remain composed because too much of anything, be it emotion, can ruin a life.


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    #652945 Mam, I agree and this is very much true that emotional people led others to take an advantage of themselves. Also one has to be calculative in his approach. Being emotional in every situation is going to cost.

    #652957 Yes very true, people tend to take hasty decisions in the moment of emotional high. The best is to sit down and actually think of the situation and your reaction over the same, how one can move out with minimum side effects.

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    Emotion is an inbuilt attribute in us and everyone possesses it albeit in varying quantities. The shrewd and practical people consider it as a weakness of character and do not show it apparently though they might be possessing it in some quantities whatever little it might be.

    It is also true that emotional people are at a risk to be exploited by the others especially by the cunning ones and cheaters.

    Ideally speaking, a balanced amount of emotions is good for our life as it induces softness and calmness in our actions and relations with others and nature has given all of us this great trait and we must preserve it in it's optimal level.

    Without emotions, we are not human, if one chooses it like that it is devilish and demonic. I will prefer to remain with my controlled emotions rather then subsiding or ignoring them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Someone once told me that there is nothing called useless emotion. Till today I strongly believe that but if you ask me that is it negative or positive trait then I will say it simply depends upon the person.
    Let me explain,
    If a person can run very fast then you will call it his strength and no doubt it is his strength but it becomes his weakness when it comes to slow races. Similarly, if a person is confident on himself then it is his positive trait but an overdose of self-confidence can harm him.

    So I think you are already understanding my point. Every trait has some good and bad, it depends how the person is using it. If he is using it as a positive trait to strengthen himself then it is harmless but if he is using it as a weakness then his own emotions will harm him.
    At the end of the day we all became emotional at some point of time, the only thing is that being emotional is a positive trait but don't be an emotional fool because it is highly negative.

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