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    How relevant it is to compare the inheritance of the past generation? How do you rate yourself then?

    The major portion of our times we keep ourselves onto is complaining & blaming the things around us but we hardly find ourselves to be observant enough in order to be evident of the contribution of ours in improving the things which has been passed onto us by our previous generations.

    In continuation, have we ever have answered to the questions which we always have wanting from others? May be "yes" or may be "not" but let's list out few of them,
    1. Planting of trees.
    2. Avoiding use of polythene bags.
    3. Using dustbins to throw out the things supposed to be useless.
    4. Conservation of resources like the water & vegetation.

    Etc, etc.

    It's a bitter truth that our contributions on many more are negligible that this doesn't show any remarkable progress & improvement but on ground reality the human civilization index is going downwards each year to the extent that we are on the verge of breaking records from the past records. This all shows that our efforts of whatever kind is not good enough & this needs a big push in terms of reforms.

    Lastly but not the least, how would you rate yourself in terms of the contributions which you have made & at the same time that this would be justified when you would be no more in this world? It's simply a matter of give & take which decides about how much you owe to the present & upcoming generations.
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    A thought provoking thread by the author reminding us how much less responsible we are for our environment and society as compared to earlier generations.

    It is very disheartening to note that the present generation including us has not done anything better than our predecessors in this respect. A few out of us might contributed some of these good things to preserve the ecology and environment but in general it is a flak.

    From our actions and efforts what we are showcasing to our next generation is also a serious matter as no perceptible change is coming in the society in this arena of positiveness.

    There is a big threat hanging on all of us due to our neglecting the inherited positive points and not contributing to well being of the ecosystem in which we are breathing day and night. We are only busy in criticising what others are doing or not rather then contributing positive things in society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It will not be an easy task to compare the contributions of past generations with the present ones. Because we are here only because the past generations existed and they carried forward certain aspects which helped the very existence of us. They have done several things which helped us to be here and is leading a life.
    Personally, my parents had done lot of things which helped the surroundings clean and suitable to lead a life. They built a two storied house with four bed rooms and other amenities such as kitchen, well, pond for taking bath and other facilities. They planted different fruit trees like coconut trees, mango trees, Jack fruit trees, banana plantains, tamarind trees and such other useful trees. These had given a natural atmosphere around the place we live. There were rice fields too in the neighbourhood.
    I noticed that only cloth bags were regularly used different purposes. In certain cases, green leaves were used for packing purposes. So they used to lead an eco-friendly life. Enough windows were there in every room such that free air passage was allowed to every room.
    Wastes generated were treated within the compound by digging small holes and covering with soil. Thus the wastes were automatically converted into fertilizer. Rain water was conserved in ponds and wells. Before the rainy seasons, large wholes would be dug around trees, especially coconut trees such that rain water would be collected in.them, which slowly would pass into the earth, thus helping threes to retain the cooling around them. In short many of the actions taken by my parents and grandparents were helping preservation of nature.
    Almost everything is being continuee by the present generation too. Only thing we lack is the non availability of paddy fields, since in a city the same cannot be expected. Otherwise I am following almost everything . As an addition I am taking up several projects which are socially relevant.


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    It is a fact to be accepted by all of the present generation. The harm we are all doing to the environment will be very high than the favours we are doing for the same. We might have stopped using some plastic covers. We might have reduced the time of firecrackers on Deepavali. But we never use public transport and we will go more on private vehicles only. We never bother about growing of trees. But we are very fond of cutting trees. We will covert green forests into concrete jungles. All these actions are more severe than the other aspects which we are trying to implement. How many people wanted to grow trees and what are the provisions they are making for the growing the trees. If there is a place of 100 yards we will make a three-storied building but we will never leave a small place for planting trees.
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    Perhaps we will never realize that the way in which the earth, surface & sky have been executed during the recent past & in the present were never had the case for more than few thousand of years of past of human civilization.

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    What I see from my experience is many people do not bother about following rules. After committing a mistake if it is pointed out to us, we will try to find an excuse by giving the example of the other person who has also committed the same mistake. It is almost a trend and law enforcement authorities and the court had to step in to remind us about our own safety and environment.

    We all have read in our childhood about the importance of planting trees and how trees help to reduce pollution. In reality, many people are reluctantly cutting down the trees for monetary gains. Learning is a continuous process and we learn from everybody. Somehow many people forget that each one of us has a role to play to protect the environment as well as to work for the welfare of the society as a whole. Many are too conscious about themselves without any concern for the others. We must change the attitude otherwise the next generations will be badly affected.


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    Absolutely the present generation is not worried for the future generation. We keep on saying that deforestation is not good for us but we don't do anything for it. We know polythene and plastic are harmful to the environment but still, we ask a shopkeeper a poly bag to carry goods. How pity for us?

    If I talk about myself I always try to do a few things like I don't waste water, don't allow my kids to buy crackers at any festival, don't waste electricity, minimise the use of vehicles, shut off my car on red traffic signal and many more things which I can do as I am very much against pollution of any type.

    I know I alone can't make a good world for our future generation but if we all follow a few steps may we can do a lot to save our environment and make it worth to live.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
    – Mark Twain

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    This thread makes me think a little differently. Inheritance does not restrict only to the environment. The values in life, as well as the importance of daily chores, get inherited too.
    It's not that, at present, people are not aware of environmental issues. The living standard has changed, the population has gone up, and the spectrum of life has become widespread. Quite naturally people are busy to make ends meet and left with a little time for taking care of the environment.
    I am not justifying the neglecting attitude but highlighting the reasons which have put everyone's life at risk. By saying so, I wish to draw your attention to the importance of values in life. Earlier it was a joint family system. Usually, senior members of the family were not abused and lead a respectable life, but now every such practice is fading away. So, inheriting family values is also lacking.
    The present generation is fond of junk food and restaurant food. Are they responsible for it? I think, not entirely. Our generation has led them to love it although we were served fresh homemade food regularly. I feel people within the age group of 40 to 55 yrs are not very regular about cooking at home, and they all splurge on food from various eateries. Again, there is a failure to inherit the good habit of doing daily chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, and much more.
    I am trying to carry forward the values of life and make my home worth living which I inherited from my upper generation. Constantly reminding the younger generation to follow the same with love.


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    In fact we are wondering more around with the monetary aspects & with the attractions of this physical life & during this courses we have narrowed our thinking with the word "ME" only. Other than this seems cheap & irritating to us. A person sitting on the driving seat of a four wheeler having the engine on is showing the sincerity that the government is doing nothing & that the other should pledge & initiate in order to improve the situation.

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    This thread actually has a connection to the present flood occurred in Kerala. If everybody had followed their past generations, the calamities of the flood would have reduced to a large extent. As an example our ancestors were depending on agriculture. Naturally, acres of paddy lands were used for paddy cultivation. Slowly, the new generation shifted away from that job and went for industrial activities. That meant the misuse of paddy fields. They converted the fields into industrial and residential used. In fact in Kerala, only about 25% of the paddy land is remaining. This loss in the area of paddy field (75%less) had a high impact in the recent water flood, since the water collection area is reduced very much.
    Another main thing we forgot to follow our ancestors' is planting trees and protrcting them. Cutting trees from the hilly areas has caused the soil erosion and land slides. Both caused heavy loss to the State. So if we had followed our ancestors, the impact of the present calamity would have reduced very much.


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