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    My Dream for this beautiful country of ours!

    A country where-

    1. Everyone is using public transport or cycles instead of private vehicles.
    2. Education is provided for free irrespective of caste/gender.
    3. Crime free country.
    4. People of all race living in harmony.
    5. End of ugly politics and corruption.
    6. Using Taxpayers money wisely for the development of our nation.

    Before I continue to dream, I wake to the hard reality and realize that this dream is not going to materialize anytime soon or probably never ever!
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    At least one point out of the six points mentioned is fulfilled means really our country is a great country and we can be considered as responsible citizens. Is this dream a daydream or a before sunrise dream? Generally, many people say that the dream just before sunrise will become a reality in a short span of time. But a daydream will never get realised. Most probably I think you might have had this dream in the daytime only. There are no chances for this dream to become real especially in our country at this point in time.
    In our country caste and religion will never go out of vision. Politicians will always use this for their advantage. They never allow people to become together. The Indians will always encourage corrupted people only as they can get the works done with such type of people.
    Anyhow, I wish we all should have a country which you have seen in your dream.

    always confident

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    It's a dream and few of them is almost unthinkable. Let's take point 1. If everybody uses public transport and bicycles then where the car manufacturers will go? There will be no business in that sector.

    Education is free in government run schools upto standard 8. The teachers of those schools are mostly government employees. Now if the free education is continued throughout graduation or even for higher studies, then government will be overburdened to pay the salaries of the teachers.

    Point 3,4 and 5 is almost everybody's dream and will remain dream only. If corruption and ugly politics end, then we can hope that the taxpayers' money will be wisely utilized for the development of this country. Let each one of us take a small step to make a little progress in any sector. I think if everybody puts in their sincere effort in it, we can achieve many things.


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    There is nothing unusual in such dreams except that they have a hidden desire for a utopian state.

    Many countries have almost achieved it so it is not impossible but definitely difficult rather say herculean task in our circumstances.

    Every one has such feelings and imagination but a country progresses only when two things are there. One is good governance and other is abiding citizens. At present we are missing both the ingredients and feeling sorry for ourselves.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All the points you mentioned if get fulfilled our country will become an ideal country.

    Education is important as the nation grows when literacy rate increases. Education cost is high in our country, therefore, people aren't able to avail good education for their kids. Also because of orthodox people, girls are not allowed to study higher which is very bad.

    I wish if all people in my country may have enough money so that they may not sleep without meal. We could have enough employment in our country so that people may not go to foreign for their better future. I wish if we can control our population in the next 10 years so that we may have enough resources to utilise.


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    – Mark Twain

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    What is wrong in dreaming? The points which the writer has highlighted are the need of this hour but sadly speaking no one in our country is bothered to make our motherland a worthy place to reside.
    Whatever the dreams are, they retort like daydreaming. If at all the writer's wish gets a boon then it will be a dream come true because:
    1. There will be fresh air to breathe.
    2. Discrimination-free along with educated society.
    3. No crime means fearless surrounding.
    4. Unity and peaceful living.
    5. No back-stabbing.
    6. A sensible and developed nation.
    Wow! An amazing dream which is undoubtedly a distant one. We all know that it won't happen any time soon. The first dream of not having private transport has a negative implication too.
    I wholeheartedly wish for the fulfilment of at least some of the dreams which will make Indians proud of India.


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    All of us must work sincerely to make the dream a reality. Instead of working to achieve these goals, if we only criticize the Government and think that we have done our duty, these goals will always remain in our dream and will never be materialized.
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    A good thought by the author. Everyone will like to have a country like that but this is to be thought by our leaders and bureaucrats who have all power in their hand to shape the country whatever way they want.

    As a responsible citizen we must also contribute whatever little we can.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I would very much like first of all to solve environmental problems and teach people how to treat nature properly and respectfully.

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