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    All sort of fools we have in our country.

    I was just reading a news on the phone wherein I read that a man got killed while taking a selfie with a snake (cobra). He was convinced by a snake chamber that he will not be affected as he has herbs which will cure him in case the snake bites.

    Believing the snake charmer this person agrees to have a selfie with the snake and when the snake charmer picks the snake from the charmer's basket, he held it firmly from its neck, it bites on his hand. He was taken to the local hospital where there was no antivenom medicine and while taking him to a bigger hospital he died on the way. The foam was oozing out of his mouth.

    This is the case of Andhra. Is it a fault of a snake charmer or a person who urged to have a selfie with tge snake? It's very sad as well as a matter of laughing at how can someone be so casual with the most poisonous snakes in the world. Can you imagine having a selfie with it?. This is strange how fool people are?.
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    There are many such gullible people in the world who are trapped in the talks of other smart guys without understanding or considering the consequences of such foolish acts.

    It is not only in villages and backward places but also in towns and big cities that we come across such bizarre news.

    Sometimes the excitement and fun in actions takes a fatal turn and people even lose their life. They feel that they are daredevil's but in fact they are taking a bigger risk then their capacities and capabities and suffering because of such grave errors of judgement.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is really sad. These people don't know the value of their lives. Just for having a selfie this man has taken a very big risk. The fault is with both the people. it is a fault of a snake charmer and the person who urged to have a selfie with the snake. I feel police should take action on the snake charmer. Otherwise, he may encourage another fool to have a snake bite.
    These days we hear that many people are taking many risks including a threat for life also to have a selfie. The other day I read a news that a loving duo went up the hill and at the edge they were trying to have a selfie. Both of them slipped and died on the spot.
    Such incidents are increasing. I think this is nothing but foolishness only. Some actions of people are very much unwanted. Getting down from a running train or a bus, driving a bike without holding the handle etc., are very risky and many people are losing their lives because of such acts.

    always confident

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    Let me mention my personal experience. Long back, a snake charmer came to the station premises (where I was working) to collect money by playing flute and doing some tricks with the captured snakes. I was also present along with the village people. After playing flutes and showing the snakes, he brought out a beautiful and big cobra.
    Since my childhood, I learnt that the snake charmers first take out poison from the poison teeth of venomous snakes. Based upon my bookish knowledge, I started moving my right hand in front of the snake. Suddenly it ttried to bite my hands. Somehow I managed to save myself. Then the snake charmer said that he had captured that particular snake that morning itself and its poison-teeth was not broken till then. I was somehow saved on that day.
    I feel that the man tried to take selfie with the venomous snake with the same belief that the snake has no venom. Even if it has, the snake charmer would be able to save him with his medicinal herbs.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Yes, it is the belief of innocent people that biting a snake would not be life - threatening since the poison can be neutralised with the herb under their possession. Their confidence ultimately cause the untimely death. Such belief is not only prevalent among the people of villages but even the educated mass are no better in this respect.
    There are numerous young people in the habit of taking selfie and they don't mind to take a selfie when they are at the extreme height of the forest and in order to capture a captivating sight, they engage themselves for a selfie. In the next moment, we heared that the chap is no more as a result of sliding of the soil causing a fatal death.
    Such incidents are on the increasing trend despite the repeated warning of the relatives, well wishers and some notifications appearing on the sights not to take selfie.

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    It is a strange narration and people in their enthusiasm go to such levels, really it is incredible.

    The selfie with a snake itself is a mad proposition and it does not make any sense to do so.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    People of such a type, in my opinion, are not fools but are over smart. They think that they can do anything and everything, and become successful. Presently, the upcoming generation loves to take a risk without giving a thought. When someone restricts such people from taking up life-threatening challenges, then these people mock at them.
    It is a sheer misadventure which in every sense has to be discouraged. Why people forget to respect life? One silly mistake ruins everything still, uncountable people are there who do not learn a lesson from someone else's tragic experience.


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    After reading this thread I am reminded of a particular incident happened long ago in Kolkata. A person went to the cage of a tiger, inside the zoo, to garland it. Anybody can guess what happened next. The tiger mauled him to death. It's really not known why at times people become so desperate that they even do not mind to risk their lives.

    The recent craze of selfie, like the one described here, is so worrisome that people are making all kinds of stunts to get noticed on the social media. Recently I was reading a news about how a student lost his life miserably because of his wish to take the selfie in front of a moving train. These type of incidents are reported on a regular basis and its really depressing to know that these people are not paying much heed to the warnings of the authorities despite knowing what this kind of activities may lead to.


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    Aho, kashtam! Bahu janam pala vidham.
    There are various types of people. we are also one type.
    Shankaracharya said"Udara nimiththam bahu krita vesham"(People don different robes for the sake of their stomach.)
    But here we see people do a lot even after satisfying their stomachs.

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