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    The Salary of an MLA.

    We have different States in our country and each State is having an Assembly. An MLA will be a member in the Assembly and represents there his constituency. These MLAs will be getting Salaries every month like any other employee of the government. In addition to the salary, they will get other benefits. All these days I am of the opinion that all MLAs in India will get the same salary. But today I have seen a news item in which they have given the salary of an MLA in each State. There a very big difference in these salaries.
    An MLA from Tripura is the lowest paid and he will be getting Rs.17,500/- a month. The highest paid MLA is from Telangana and he will be getting Rs.2,50,000/- a month. All MLAs of a state will get the same salary. An MLA from AP will be getting Rs.1,25,000/- Why so much variation in the salaries from State to State. Why not the Central government can fix a common salary to MLAs of all the States?
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    It's strange why the MLA of Tripura gets the lowest salary. Why such discrimination? 2.5 Lacs is too much to be said to any politician as they don't do anything .

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    This doesn't seem possible of such variations while the states belonging to the same nation. May be during the next course of submissions from the members we may get an idea.

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    The information is very authenticated and published in a very standard Telugu daily and this newspaper will never publish wrong information and unconfirmed news.
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    There are poor states and rich states in India. It is the duty of the low paid MLAs to take up the matter with their own government to fix their pay, quoting the difference of pay with their highly paid counterparts in other states. In fact, all the state MLAs should be paid in line with the MPs, without any disparity between an MP and an MLA.

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    In fact, the salary of MPs and MLAs does not follow any rule or formula. The increase is abrupt. The increase in salary takes place at least once in two years. The public exchequer has to bear the cost. In the case of MLAs, the burden is borne by the respective state exchequer. As there is no fixed formula, there is a wide difference in salary of MLAs od different states. As Tripura is financially very weak, the salary of the MLAs is least compared to MLAs of other states.
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    It depends on the economic condition of the state. Since they are not government employees, there is no fixed rate of the increment also. At least during the announcement of hikes, in most of the time, both the ruling party and the opposition support it. Sometimes they get unexpected hikes like the hikes they got in Gujarat recently. This time they got a hike of 65% and their salary became almost 1.2 Lakh.

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    The only matter I saw all political parties(MPs &MLAs) agree to in the Parliament or legislature and pass something unanimously is their salary and allowances.

    While almost all employees in organisations had to go on strike and loss of pay after many negotiations to get a meagre raise, the legislators can increase their own salary, allowances and perks. An irony of our democratic system. Can we say that we have full democracy? Can we pride that 'people are the real lords?'

    While there was a lot of controversy and court intervention recently about the compulsory recovery of a month's salary of government employees in a state, I do not remember having read about any such instruction to the legislators of that assembly.

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