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    Is life on earth a rare phenomenon?

    Ever wondered about the possibility of life in the universe outside earth? Share your views on the topic of whether life on earth was the result of some rare phenomenon and the possibility of there being aliens out there.

    Substantial Scientific and technological research and progress have been made especially in the area of space and exploration of the universe but so far, there is no clear sign of life similar to Earth, found elsewhere. The researchers believe that seeing the enormous size of the universe and an innumerable number of galaxies containing mind-boggling number of stars and their own planets revolving around them there is a possibility that similar life can exist there.

    This brings a question: Is the origin of life on Earth was a rare phenomenon that could accidentally happen in a particular environment of temperature and atmosphere? Is it that today we are alone in this universe and there is no alien life?

    Members having knowledge and information in this regard may like to explain and answer this question.
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    From the known facts this has been observed that the position of our planet called EARTH is best suited for life because it's neither too far nor too close from the SUN. This most suited distance from the Sun resulting with the existence of us & numerous other lives on this planet. So far we can't be ignored of the fact that life can also be found on the other side of this whole cosmos but in the mean time we don't have any proof as such which can provide us with some sort of evidences. The scientists from all corners of the world are continuing with different experiments in order to come up with some existential proofs of lives on the far of locations from our planet & who knows that we are already there but due to some negligent facts we are missing of those.

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    From the starting days of civilization, the human beings on the earth have an unanswered question that whether human beings are existing alone on the earth in the universe. NASA is conducting many scientific studies on our solar system and beyond. It has developed many sophisticated tools to address this question. Within our solar system, NASA has searched for signs of both ancient and current life on Mars and other planets,
    The knowledge of planets orbiting other stars is called exoplanets. The signatures of life are known as biosignatures. So far the research is concentrated on biosignatures only. Now NASA is increasing its research in other directions also to know whether humanity is alone on earth. In addition, searching for microbial life, NASA now is conducting research on whether the life on these planets advanced enough to create technology.
    Still, the work is on and time only can clarify the above questions.

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    I have read some science fictions and seen some movies where aliens are coming and going to Earth as easily as we travel today by plane from one city to another. There is fabulous imagination about these aliens who as per the author are not seen anywhere even with the advanced telescopes or space equipments.

    When the US rover landed on Mars everyone was watching the TV to see some insects or lizards or birds in the Martian atmosphere but nothing of that sort happened. So we have to wait till science further develops to unravel this mystery.

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    Till now it appears to be a rare phenomenon. Many researches are going on and many explorations took place to find out if life exists somewhere other than the planet earth, but there is no proof of life in any of the explorations so far.

    It's always interesting to read science fiction and watch movies related to it because there it shows that aliens do exist in different planets or galaxies. We all are interested to know if anyone like us exists in some outer planets. If it is found then I am sure many people will try to go to that planet and settle there.

    The atmosphere of earth is most suitable for any life to grow and maybe that's the reason why we are alone here in the whole universe. Earlier, there was signs of liquid water found in some research on the planet Mars and recently there is a news of the possibility of a liquid water body on Mars. Scientists are desperate to search for life outside this planet and we are also eagerly waiting to know if aliens really exist or not.


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    I have talked about this in multiple threads. The main key theme is how we visualize life. We are yet to find life but hypothesis of microbial possibilities of life has been made many times. We have once witnessed a bacteria from moon. There are some organisms on earth like Tartigrade that can survive in space's vacuum. Now that trait shouldn't have been helpful to an organism unless it had to deal with space travel atleast once. Now how could have these archaic species travelled space? Asteroids are what that brought water into earth and it is very important to note that dormant bacteria too could have rode these asteroids to earth and colonised here. Infact that is the most popular idea among biologists and astrophysicists alike. That life on earth came from outside.
    The proof would be bacteria living in extreme environment of earth.
    Life on other planets have intrigued man a long before space age was introduced. Once Brahma kidnapped Krishna's friends and tested him. Krishna multiplied himself and disguised himself as his friends and played with them. Brahma watched this with awe and decided to confront him with anger. Krishna on Brahma's arrival showed Brahma that there are an infinite Brahmands and infinite Brahma ruling over an infinite amount of life.
    This story clearly tells how open minded Hindus of past were to accept that alien life and multiverses are possible.

    Even in medieval Christianity, after spotting of planets through telescope, many paintings showcased beings from other planets and drew them near to angels. Even Buddhists tell a similar story. But we are yet to discover a complex life form yet. A complex life form that uses radio waves to communicate to be precise.

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    It's a rare phenomenon. Earth is a special planet as there is water, a temperature which is good for life and the atmosphere.

    We all know that oxygen is essential for all living beings, which is available only the earth and not on any other planet. Also the gravity and the gravitational force which is present only on the earth and not on any planet.

    The distance of the earth from the sun is optimum due to the temperature of the earth is not so high or low and is moderate for us to bear unlike other planets where the temperature is so high or low making it almost unfeasible for living beings to survive there.


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