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    Indiscriminate burning of waste add to global warming.

    A recent study has shown that carbon particles in the atmosphere have role in global warming. Such particles are getting loaded in the atmosphere due to the indiscriminate burning of anything and everything considered as waste. Together with this the carbon exhausts from the motor vehicles which goes on increasing everyday, also add to the carbon content in the atmosphere every day.
    A study of Dr. S.K. Satheesh of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has come out with this warning. Dr. Satheesh is a Scientist in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. He has won the topmost award for scientific inventions instituted by Infosys Science Foundation. The Global warming level has to be controlled and retained below 2%, presently it is 1.2%. If it crosses the 2% limit coming back will be problem.
    Indian Institute of Science is planning to install sensors in schools to measure the level of pollution and hundred schools have already been identified. Locations having more breathing troubles are selected for the study. Google maps are being used for this. Next attempt is to find out the damages created by the aeroplane exhausts.
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    That is true. The waste generated in various areas is being burned openly and that is the main culprit for this global warming. That is why the industries are asked to maintain a negative carbon footprint. All the fuels which are having carbon compounds will release harmful carbonaceous material which is causing the pollution. That is why the pollution control department is asking to get the vehicles checked for emissions and those vehicles which are emitting more than permitted carbonaceous materials will not be allowed on the roads. Many of the industries are also leaving many carbonaceous gases without treating them properly and they are all responsible for pollution and global warming. In Haryana and Punjab farmers burn the field waste openly during nights and this is causing a big threat to Delhi which is having a serious pollution problem.
    We may be trying to know the reasons for global warming and pollution problems. But how to limit these problems and keep the pollution under control is a big question.

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    The burning of waste is a major contributor as carbon dioxide in the air and that is going to increase the temperature gradually.

    Waste materials can be processed to make many other products in a controlled burning process or dry press process shrinking it in size for disposal. That is the way to reduce the carbon footprint on Earth.

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    Anything which is adding pollutants and harmful chemicals to the atmosphere is contributing to global warming. Burning of waste is really a big concern today as the dry waste is not being handled properly and many places it is being burned thinking that it is the simplest way to get rid of it.

    The amount of waste is in gigantic proportions and it is a herculean task for any Govt or private agency to mitigate this big problem. Some places the municipalities have founded some converters to convert this to manure or some other useful form but that is only in a small scale not commensurate with the amount of large waste generated every day in our country.

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    Emission of Carbon dioxide is the main reason for global warming. More is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere more is the temperature and burning of anything causes the increase of the same. It's good that the research is going on it and google map is being created for the places to know where there is more breathing problem so that people may avoid that place on the route. But I don't think that would help the main thing is we have to find out some concrete ways to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to reduce global warming.

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