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    Old memories are sometimes a reason to smile.

    There are lots of stories regarding my childhood some are bitter and some are sweet and make me laugh at them once I remember them nowadays.

    I and my brothers were very naughty since our childhood. I remember it was a marriage of my cousin, she was from a village so was not so outspoken like the girls of cities. I was just 6 years at that time. My mother died at the age of 4 years so I and my brother were loved by all. We went to "Gauna" of my cousin in the village where she was married. We were busy in our mischief like most of the kids do and we're damaging her things while doing our work. Our cousin shouted that her mother in law will scold us but we didn't stop. We said we will see her. When we were at our extreme her mother in law came in my sister's room and scold us and we replied in a reaction that it's not your home it's my sister's home. Her mother in law didn't argue as she didn't want to get more insulted. My sister in law didn't say anything but I know she might have apologized afterwards. Since then we have never been to her home where her mother in law lives. It's been around 36 years when it happened and her mother in law asks about us that if we are still that much naughty. My sister always narrates this story whenever we go to her home and we get embarrassed whenever we listen to this and my kids question that was we more naughty than them also. It makes me go to the past and compare myself with them and find that we were troublesome than my kids.

    And when I consider myself from my childhood I am completely a different person. I am calm and polite and think how was I so naughty in the childhood.

    It happens we completely change when we grow up and my sister too agrees with it.

    Do you have any such story which makes you laugh at yourself when you think of it?
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    Childhood memories are very good. When those memories come to our mind we may smile and sometimes we may weep also.
    I am the elder son in our house. I have a sister elder to me. After me, I was having two sisters at that time. I was about 7 years. My elder sister was about 9 years. The other two sisters were of 5 and 3 years old. Once my mother's father came to see us to our village. My 3 years old sister went with him to their village. After two days we have received an information that she was suffering from fever and she wanted to see the parents. So my parents were getting ready to go there. My 5 years sister was also will go with them as she couldn't stay not without them. Then myself and my elder sister. My elder sister somehow made the parents to take her also with them. So they left me with my father's brothers who were also staying with us and went. Unfortunately the next day my 3 years sister expired and I was unfortunate not to have the last looks of that sister. Even today after 53 years also whenever I remember that incident tears will come in my eyes automatically.

    always confident

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    @ddrao that was sad. You might have seen your sister if you had accompanied with your parents. I can understand how much painful that day would have been for you.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    This thread takes one to several incidents happened in my childhood days. During the summer vacation days we, three brothers and a sister at our family home. Since father was working at another place and had official quarters to stay there, mother and children stayed there. Only in summer holidays we stayed in our own house.
    During summer most of the mango trees would be bearing lots of mangoes. Hence we children, including our friends from the neighbourhood, would gather under one of the trees which gave ripe mangoes. Only during the noon time we gathered there. This was mainly because at that time my father and mother would be taking a mod-day nap.
    Very often the ripe mangoes would be on the top side of the tree. Naturally one had to climb to the top. I was an expert at it. One difficulty was that the branches of the tree would be starting far above from the ground. Unless there was a ladder one could not reach the height where the branches were available. However, there was another tree, not mango tree, which had several branches and it touched the mango tree's branches. As an 'expert' I used to climb through that. Others would be just watching. After climbing to the top, I used to collect ripe mangoes and eat them sitting there itself. Seeing that others in the bottom would start begging for mangoes. I would throw the same to other places and others would run after that. This was a sort of game in the noon. Now I feel how silly it was, but it was the childish nature seen in everybody.


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    Old memories are like a treasure in our life which we can peep in at any time in our life to revisit those nostalgic moments and remember the past in its best of form.

    The memories could be good or bad but remembering them is what matters at this point of time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, I agree with the thread title .
    Many events in our childhood, which were to us heroic deeds to us are now, hilarious things to reminisce.
    It is nice to recall such events with friends,relatives and people of same age group. Sometimes they help as topics and stories of entertainment and enlightening to our children and grand children(if well narrated).

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    This type of sharing is very poor in present people and this is the main reason for the increase of diabetic, hypertension in many. We many of us traveling a good volume of distance for job and got involved ourselves in tension mood in the working place. We loading the stress with ourselves and returns home. What we expect from the house persons not to disturb and probing ourselves in the house with what happened in the office and travel. Instead if we share our time by gossiping with house people and sharing the old thoughts etc., or old cinema dialogues, our relaxation from all sorts of tension will prevail and thereby we can forget everything which leads to a sound sleep.
    Sharing the old memories may be irritating one to the present youngsters but the reality in such sharing has a good value.
    This deepavali day also I shared a thought of deepavali day of my young age to my brother's daughter. During our childhood, there was one cracker called 'aeroplane' which flies swrling up once litted and the empty cracker (made of tiny metal box) fell down. I and my elder brother while firing our crackers found two pieces of such aeroplane on the road and took them by believing a fresh one. Instantly we both got total injury in our right hand palm. Later we got bulb from our father and grand father for our action and the injury amidst our pain in the hand. Though it was happened during 1963, it makes huge laughter.

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    Nobody is perfect but more or less we are bound to struggle with some sort of struggles irrespective of our status but instead & in between we always have the reasons to smile & feel delighted even though temporarily. The memories can't possibly be related to the childhood days but this could be of school or college days too when something expected happened giving you a big shock. For sure the life is very much complex & often make you feel down, failed & disappointed but again we have a reason to smile with some feel good factors of gone by days.

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    People say good older days..
    I read in an article that remembering good things about ourselves and others can trigger inspiration and optimism about future and make sure that you cherish special occasions so that you can create more nostalgic moments in future.

    Correct or incorrect?

    May be correct.

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    Old memories are a thing to cherish in present times. They are the only things we have of our past with us for looking back in our life.

    These memories are the silent signatures of our growing with time and our maturity levels at different stages in our life. Our close family members and relatives know us from our those deeds years ago which has nothing in common or similarity today with us. Still the memories are something to remember and appreciate.

    Humans are bestowed by nature with a powerful and immense memorizing capacity and if we close our eyes our life since our childhood depicts like a frame of celluloid role in our mind and we can pause, fast forward or go back anytime., anywhere before stopping it for the time being.

    It is a preserved information, coming back to us in a flick of time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are a lot many old memories which do give a reason to smile. It's not about our childhood only but even our recent past moments do give us a reason to smile and cherish either while sharing with others or when we are all alone.
    It is always very special but yes, there are incidents which bring tears too. The basic fact is when some happening gets etched in our memories they do bring out one or the other emotion quite strongly and take us back to that time. It always proves to be a stress reliever.


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