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    Can we discuss the storyline now?

    Now, the e-book writing contest is over. There will be no further twist, turn, advantages or disadvantages. All the three related threads (This one, this one and this one) have been locked. The announcement of awards will be done by the ME after thorough checking.

    Now, a small request to the ME. Can we now discuss the storyline in this thread? We can discuss (of course, in a civil manner) the faults which we could identify. We can also discuss the loose ends in each and every chapter.

    This is a learning process. If allowed, all members (not only the participants) who have read the entire e-book, can furnish comments to enable ourselves not to make similar mistakes in future.
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    It will be good if we discuss each chapter as suggested by the author. But I feel we should do that only after the announcement of the awards to the chapter. This will make the judges take their own view on deciding the award-winning chapters. Anyhow the decision is to be spelt by the Managing Editor and let us wait for the decision from the concerned.
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    I want to do the same thing Partha. I wanted to raise a thread myself. But Dr.Raos' words are true. An analysis of individual chapters might give hints of who might win. Which is what ME does not want.
    But I think we can put our review of the whole contest here. I personally felt that instructions of this ebook contest were a bit confusing. And also withdrawals of members successively was pressuring. To come up with a brilliant part you need time. Postponing or preponing so hastily can dampen anyone's creative flow.
    But that is my individual opinion alone. But I like how the contest went. The overarching plot was superb. I personally felt the final chapter was the best.

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    This is a contest to showcase our creativity, The story needs to be read thoroughly by the editors to select the authors, to decide the prize winners. We can presume it like a pending court case awaiting judgment. No views and comments should be posted at this juncture. If the storyline is discussed prior to the announcement of results, the editors will be confused. They will have to go by the discussion. If the storyline is discussed after the announcement of results, it will confuse the members. Members might raise complaints against the editors.

    It would be ideal to discuss the storyline after the announcement of the results, with the permission of ME. A discussion will really help the members to know their good and bad writing, and the editors right and wrong decision.

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    Ms. Rajee: Don't we comment on pending cases? Only the parties or Government can't comment on issues which are sub judice, but there is no such bar for common people.

    The case is the same. The juries may not comment on the chapters, but, we, the ordinary Members, can always discuss the chapters, the loose ends, mistakes and the scope of further improvement.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Everyone, calm down!

    Partha - As a regular contest participant, you are well aware that I do initiate a separate thread for feedback and general discussion once the winners are announced. Could you not have waited, then, for it? So the answer to the query raised is No, you cannot discuss the storyline now.

    Aditya - yes, I am aware of the confusion of my instructions and did admit it in the confusion thread. We will discuss that aspect, too, later.

    And it does not look good for anyone (including an editor) to make personal hits. Desist, please.

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