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    Is blood still thicker than water.

    This is what we have been listening from our elders. It is believed that our family comes first and if anything bad happens or if we get stuck somewhere we expect our family members to be the first one who will come forward to support us.

    But this perception is changed nowadays as these days everyone wants to have a nuclear family and think joint family to be a sort of a burden, in such case can we expect our siblings to come first to help us. my reason these days neighbours are the first one who will come for us.

    It's harsh but this is fact as the time is changing. What's your opinion about it?.
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    The author's opinions are true. But the reasons for siblings not coming first is due to the staying places. I stay in Hyderabad. My brother was staying in Vijayawada. My brother met with an accident. Immediately the nearby people put him in the hospital. Then they informed his wife and then she has gone to the hospital and she informed me immediately. We started the next moment and reached Vijayawada. It was six hours journey those days. If we all stay in the same place we might have reached much earlier.
    We were there until he recovered and got discharged from the hospital. After the immediate treatment, the neighbours vanished. So the neighbours and nearby people may help you when there is an emergency. But relatives especially siblings and other close relatives will definitely take care of us as and when we require their help much better than the neighbours. As such, I feel still blood is thicker than water.

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    It is still a valid proposition, only thing is the closeness and intensity of relations is now subdued due to the changes coming in the society with modernisation and division of families from joint to nuclear.

    The blood relations or family ties are still very strong and people are observing it in the time of adversity in the family.

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    Family comes first, and there are no two opinions about it. Family and close friends play a major role when a crisis arises in someone's life. The neighbours are usually quick to help, but that does not mean they would wish to take every responsibility till the crisis gets over.
    Blood is still thicker than water. Earlier there were many siblings apart from cousins, whereas now the couples have either one or two children. Thus, when there is a fewer number of siblings or no sibling, then outsiders help the most.
    Like friends, siblings can stay separately but remain emotionally attached. Needless to say, the parents have to give a strong foundation to their offspring so that they become suitable to handle a crisis.


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    Yes it is, there is no doubt in it. During our crisis who will come first? It is expected that who is present in the situation will come forward to help us. When neighbours are nearby, they come forward during crisis and call the family members. Now, family ties are always there and family disputes too. Earlier also family disputes were there, but much less in number.

    Nowadays, in case there is a dispute between immediate family members then they may not come during any crisis but in general family members always come when they receive the news of any hardships. Time is changing, that is true. According to time the position of people are also changing. In many cases people are moving to different destinations for work leaving their parents at home and in this situation it becomes impossible for them to come to home immediately during the hour of crisis. During this time it is the next door neighbour or friends staying nearby who come forward to help.


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