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    Motivation is the key to our actions for success in life

    For undertaking any work or activity there should be inspiration or motivation. They are the engines of our efforts and take them to the intended destinations.

    There are many people who just work because the higher up or their senior in workplace or home told them to do so and they do it and forget it. They are not bothered to think over the purpose and consequences of doing those things. They do things mechanically and appear as not interested in their job or to that matter any serious or difficult activity given to them. They are not motivated in their life and always feel under pressure of the work.

    At the same time the motivated people know the purpose of their work. Their eyes are on the far reaching consequences and very objective behind doing the things. They know the sequence of activities by doing which they will step up in life in a gradual way and ultimately reach their dream destination.

    Motivation is the key to all the actions of these people and eventually they also become successful in their life. What do you think about this? What is your opinion?
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    Motivation will increase the output from an individual. Somebody appreciate us for our skill, we will feel happy and get motivated. We will try to further improve our skills so that we will get more appreciations. If somebody criticizes you for no reason you will get demotivated and you will lose interest in working. So motivation plays an important role in the performance. Money is a big motivating factor but it is not the only motivating factor. A pat on the back or a word of appreciation in presence of other colleagues will give us a lot of motivation, Scolding or pointing out the mistakes of a person in presence of other people will demotivate the individual. Instead of that if we call the person separately and explain him the mistakes and advising him to improve may be a good option so that he will receive your suggestions positively.
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    It is true that motivation is one of the major factors in our life inspiring us to act. Without motivation a person is like a dead wood. Motivation brings an energy to proceed ahead with confidence. A writer is writing a piece of prose or poetry in the hope of making it the best in the world and he is motivated by his desire to excel and goes on improving his skills and quality of writing and one day gets worldwide acclaim for it.

    A craftsman is making his creation with a thought of making it best in the market and he is inspired by his own desire to excel. He is self motivated.

    Some people are motivated with money while some go for name and fame. Some are motivated by the examples of super sportsmen and their performance and start learning and excelling in that area. So everyone will not be interested in everything we force on him. He will choose an area where he has interest and aspirations which will motivate him to perform brilliantly.

    Motivation is the core attribute to drive our actions and until unless a person is motivated we can not expect high performance from him.

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    Motivation is important in our life. It's important for employees as motivated people are always good at work as they give more productivity than others. It's the responsibility of an organisation to keep their employee motivated. There are various ways for motivating people at work and in my opinion, the best way is through money. If you keep some good incentives for the targets and then it motivates people and they definitely put some extra efforts to achieve the goal and desired productivity.

    Similarly in life too we have to motivate our kids so that they may perform good in exams. I remember my parents used to give me good gifts when i used to score will in exams and that uses to keep me motivated though out the year and i used to study even harder to get gifts from my parents.


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    A nice thread by the author. Motivation always helps us to do things in a better way. It acts as a stimulus. Lack of motivation may be because of lack of interest in a particular job. There are many ways through which people get motivated. Appreciation is a great way through which people get motivated. It is applicable for everybody and is an important part of growing up.

    When a child grows up, her/his every positive activities should be properly appreciated to keep the child motivated to continue that behaviour. In office or our field of work we are appreciated for our efforts which keep us motivated. While criticism plays a role to rectify any mistakes or negative traits, it has to be done in a way so that the person is not demoralized. When a person is doing something which is not providing the desired outcome, it is always advisable to point out the lacuna so that it may be corrected in the next effort.


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    Definitely. Motivation is the key to success. But generally people motivate themselves. It is very difficult to motivate others. Those who can do it, are the real leaders of the world. such people who can motivate others are very rare.
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